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Saturday, November 6, 2010

IF : Afterwards

Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge: this week

This morning I was taking some photographs of horses. The sky was very dramatic but it started to rain and my clothes were quickly saturated. I was a little bit disappointed I had to stop. First what I did when I came home was having cup of tea and some cookies. Afterwards I realized it was not so bad because I got some inspiration for Illustration Friday : a horse! And to make it more exciting I drew a red one!


  1. maybe I am missing something but I do not see the topic back into the drawing, but anyway I do like your horse , great illo!

  2. @anoniem:
    you are absolutely right, I see it neither!! :)

  3. Good job. It reminds me a bit to the drawings of American Indians (the American continent in general). they used very well the positive and negative.
    I like it!

  4. afterwards is good than! good thing it rained, now i can enjoy your horse!

  5. Thanks dctrrbrt and Susanna, I really do appreciate your comments!

  6. I like him! He has aboriginal painting qualities.