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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter in Holland - Naarden

(for people outside of the Netherlands)
Roads in the central urban belt of the country are in ‘total chaos’ following hours of heavy snow. Snow and ice have led to long jams in many places, with parts of Amsterdam coming to a complete standstill. Yesterday, by 19.00 hours, the motoring organisation ANWB reported a very slight easing of problems on the roads. The jams totalled 753 km by 17.00, making Friday the sixth busiest rush hour of all time.
This morning I heard on radio that many people stucked in the traffic jam until 2.00 a.m !!!!

(for people outside and inside of the Netherlands)

On the other hand, winter is also very nice if you get up early in the morning as I did today.
I went to Naarden to make some pictures. Just for fun. Walking in the silent and people-less streets (it reminded me Anton Pieck drawings) until I did not feel my toes and fingers...... 

Everything is OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end. 
A cup of coffee and warm apple turnover (appelflap) made my day.....


  1. hihi, apple turnover, didn't know that word in english.
    It's indeed like Anton Pieck your pictures, and that anno 2010...

  2. Schitterende foto's. Vanmorgen vroeg wezen hardlopen door de besneeuwde Zuid Limburgse heuvels, het morgenlicht is ook zo bijzonder.

  3. Dank je wel, Rene. Met de sneeuw is alles anders, ik zou liefst hele dag met mijn camera buiten lopen ! En ochtend licht is (bijna) altijd mooi.

  4. Nice pictures anyhow. Makes me want to walk oround there looking for Santa Claus.

  5. I guess in Sweden, is it not unusual to have a lot a snow, but here it is last years exceptional...
    But I like it very much!