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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red Rooster

An early 16th century legend tells of a missionary by the name of Arturo De Silva, who believed in the luck of the red rooster. The young missionary was a handsome fellow with a kind heart and traveled throughout West Texas and the New Mexico territory spreading the good word. After traveling several miles one day, he came upon the settlement of San Juan de Los Cabelleros along the Chama river in northern New Mexico. Weary from his travels, he stopped at an inn called The Meson De Chama.
The inn was owned by a beautiful, but wicked, woman by the name of Alejandra. Upon seeing the young, handsome gentleman walking into the inn, Alejandra instantly fell in love with him. After a good meal and constant attention from Alejandra, the gentle missionary asked for a room. Alejandra, used to having anything she desired, offered her companionship for the night. Being a celibate, the young missionary refused her offer and kindly stated that he had come from afar and was weary and wished only to sleep.

Alejandra is trying to seduce Arturo....

The wicked Alejandra waited until midnight to make her way to his room and placed gold coins in the missionary's coat pockets. In the morning, she summoned the authorities and had the young man arrested for stealing her money. The missionary was sentenced to hang by the Governor of the Territory of New Mexico, Juan De Onate.
The night before the hanging, a feast was prepared for the missionary's last meal. He chose a beautiful red rooster to be roasted with all the trimmings and stated that during the course of the meal, the rooster would get up and crow, proving his innocence.
The feast was prepared and upon his sitting at the table, the rooster stood up and crowed. Needless to say, the young missionary was set free and since that time on, the red rooster has been a symbol of good luck. Or, as the Spanish would say, a "Talisman."

The red rooster story, found on internet, inspired me to make this painting.

Thanks for visiting. (and good luck to everyone



  1. this can be true?
    the Spanish at that time were very fond of these stories, haha ​​they were really far from home more concerned with finding gold and drinking wine (and cut some heads of natural people)
    I think the rooster crowed because the sun was about to appear, you know, at that time when the roosters crow and wake you up.
    OK. Alejandra had nice legs!!!!! not to despise. ;)

  2. Great story, and the rooster image is terrific.

  3. What man could resist those legs?

    I'm glad for the missionary, but that roasted rooster must have been a scary sight all skinned and crowing. Yikes. Guess they left his head attached. It reminds me of those 1920 German stop-motion films with the dancing chicken skeletons.

  4. We do not actually use the word "talismán", we use the word "amuleto" :)
    Buena suerte!!!! :)

  5. great story, really nice illustrated :-)

  6. Nice painting Art...I like it..Lucky the rooster came back from the dead to save the missionary. I was wondering why there are legs in one painting and not in the other..is this painting digital?...I also notice the crack (maybe you opainted it in stages on cracked plaster or concrete? If it is a secret (don't worry!!)

  7. @Roberto , Ted: yes legs....:)

    @Rene, Nelleke: thank you so much!!

    Rod: thanks, Rod. Good questions and your eyes are very sharp:
    1) well, first I thought I will add something of Alejandra, than I decided not to do it - sometimes less is more :)
    2) it is top secret but I tell you this : yes , it is.
    3) cracked concrete background is pretty good guess and some touch of Wacom pen ( and I do not worry)

    @Roberto: who say you might not comment?
    ( it is a psychological test: if people feel they HAVE to comment, they will perhaps find a manner how to do it)

  8. oh, yeah, yeah, I know how that works. I also did the same when I got upset with some bloggers and I thought to myself, "now I write everything in Spanish and do not allow comments, leave them in a previous post, if they want"
    well at least I already came :)
    already have one :)

  9. oh, now I realize that I came but I did not let my comment, so my visit will not be taken into account in your test!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ah, well I see you've read some lyrics!
    ja ja

    ...And you are no longer docile stream!!!!

    (ja ja, poor man, maybe she never was)

    Ok. bla-bla-bla
    but still I did not let my comment about your post!

  11. Oh. this is very romantic. I believe in love,
    I am awakened by love,
    everything I do, I do it for love,
    love moves my mind, toward the nebula creative,
    and when I laugh, I laugh for love,
    and when I cry, I cry for love,
    and when I'm angry, I get angry, for love,
    and took my breakfast for love, and eat for love,
    and perfume my body for love,
    and I get clothes for love,
    I take off my clothes for love,
    and dream for love...
    but ...
    I believe that love does not make the world go round...
    not yet. would be nice, if this happens.
    Am I woke negative today?

  12. Roberto, I think that just THIS is a problem: people do not believe in it. And than it isn't - unfortunately - possible ; not yet , indeed.

  13. @Roberto: But some of them, they tried it , they still do it or will try it in the future.
    It will take some time......( and thats why the letters are a dusty and webbed )

  14. I know.
    very well
    the person wearing the glasses that I drew tried.
    believe me, he tried
    and we all try, from our little place, educating our children in that sense
    but you think that's enough?

  15. Haha I was walking past and saw some legs and thought 'ah those legs they are not mine, but they have on my shoes" :) But if the red rooster was really a luck symbol then the man would have been seduced by the woman.... maybe not. Great images art, the textures are wonderful as usual, the house so patinated, and the two compositions so dynamic yet balanced. I'm giving you three stars out of three for this one :)

  16. OK, I'm still trying.
    But how do I explain to all those gentlemen with ugly face, with guns, with buttons to press, with clenched fists, to those who are looking at the poster of the shares on Wall Street, those who drive expensive cars speeding ,
    those who do not look at the shape of the clouds, those who can not close their eyes when they are near a stream, those, those...those, i'm tired

  17. @ Andrew: wow, all 3 stars of 3 stars? That's absolutely smashing....thanks! ( and about the shoes, yes, you look higher with the tall heels )

    @Roberto: thanks for your words. Good you are still trying it. Unfortunately they do not read your blog. Or they never look at the pictures of Sebastiao Salgado or James Nachtwey......
    But every bit can help. We should not forget to try it every day again and again and do not get tired. Even if you reach one single soul....
    don't you think?

  18. I went to see the two artists. (I felt a hammering in the head))
    I ask myself: is a valid adjective to describe the reality the word "terrifying"?
    and I do another question, is enough with this concept?
    or whenever, we need strong words?

  19. @ Roberto: I wish I know the answer, but sometimes I think it is as you say: terrifying

    @ Andrew: I see it now : I meant "taller " :)

  20. another haute couture, if i must say so.
    and please look at those stunning Manolo Blahnik black suede classic pumps heels... LOVE.

  21. can i draw Louise sometime?
    i mean, if you don't mind, of course.
    she's just lovable, you know.

  22. ive never heard of the story, before ;)
    thank you...

  23. love and children and animals make the world go round.

  24. oh and money too!!!!!


  25. True, true
    but you can close your heart. but the price is too high
    and closing the heart, or closing your eyes, always, always, you'll feel guilty
    but ...Can we take charge of injustice?
    why I feel guilty about injustice?

    OK, not a good topic for a Friday.
    ¡Buen fin de semana para tí y tu familia!

  26. @ illustration poetry:Thanks for visiting! 1) I am glad you recognized Manolo Blahnik shoes!! 2) would be happy if you do it! 5) oh yes, of course

    @ Roberto: how was the wine? Was it Sauternes?