I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The morning silence (today)  and some of its disturbers.
I was just wondering if it is possible to capture silence.....


  1. An old spinster woman who once had a boyfriend when she was very young, and once the boy wrote a short letter telling her he loved her no more, she has this little letter, read and read thousands of times, almost illegible, stored in a small square cardboard box with a pink cover.
    She has captured the silence.

  2. I think it is possible to capture silence...

  3. I have captured some silence today in a bottle..

  4. beautiful silence, it's inviting

  5. I would think it's easier to capture silence than noise. When you open the bottle and nothing comes out then you can assume you are now RELEASING silence. If you captured noise and then nothing comes out of the bottle you can only assume you failed to catch it. That's all I got for now.

  6. yes they are silent, I think it's the contrast between the scenes with a human and the scenes without that underlihne the feeling

    does a tree falling in the forest make any noise if there is no one to hear it

    yes... it goes $%^$#$^&^&**((@@@$#$(((!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - kerblang

    hope you are well silnce is okay but quite is not good

  7. I think the bottom left captures silence the best. perhaps as well the top right. The others portend action, or the value contrast is getting noisy...

    all are very nicely shot!


  8. I like the silence but surrounded by many people, I do not like the silence of cemeteries.
    Also one may be in silence surrounded by noise. and you can be talking and no one to hear. (this is the saddest)

  9. we should not thank our mutual visits, do not you think so?
    This system was invented for people to communicate with each other, otherwise we close everything and say goodbye forever.
    makes sense not to visit?
    MMmmmmmm. i dont know...

  10. Oh, OK, let us have good education:)
    Thanks for your visit!
    Buena semana, nos vemos uno de estos días!

  11. Oh, it's OK, thanks, no, no thanks ... thanks for no thanks, that is, No thanks

  12. I came to Holland just to say "Have a nice weekend!"
    (Forgive me for not staying for a drink, but I must return to my country before dinner) byeeee

  13. If you see just a panel of black. Would that be silence? It couldn't be the opposite of silence. And always, even when the world SEEMS silent, your brain makes so much noise.

  14. keew doog yas ot emac tsuj I
    (I think I'm from the other side of the world)

  15. You captured it. Quite beautifully, I'd say.

  16. What happens here?
    there is a post, but are not posts....?

  17. I don't think there is enough silence in the world. There is a highway close to our house and for some reason...the wind...the air in the atmosphere...I don't really know...the noise varies. Yesterday I could not hear it at all. I love it when you can't hear it. Your photos are beautiful and make me want to move somewhere more quiet.

  18. Thank you all for your comments. We all know how important is silence for us.
    Interesting thoughts of Andrew and Marita.
    I agree with Lisa there is not enough silence in the world. We have to create it for ourselves (if possible) or at least try to make no more noise than necessary!!!

  19. Everything and nothing makes sense in this life
    sometimes human beings want to make sense, things that should not have it, and give a sense, overly important, futile things
    sometimes it takes years of our life to realize the difference, but the attempt is worthwhile.
    ha ha, no, no Ignatz, drives a Japanese car of middle class
    thanks for stopping
    is better, I do silence
    (will take years of my life, that I realize that I must keep my mouth shut)

  20. Silence is good company when we are satisfied with our own thoughts. Always enjoy your work.

  21. @ Ignatz : now I know it: indeed you love a lot of company around you, and silence? nothing for you ;)

    @ AHA views: thanks, I glad you enjoy it! You are always welcome here (but you know it already )!

  22. No, I do not love a lot of company around me, no,
    I love the company enough, quiet, and communicates with me through the feelings, the person who wants to be next to me must have the same feelings and sensitivities than me (I said feelings and sensitivity, not ideas) and my feelings are quiet, speak softly, so around me, there is enough silence :)

  23. ;) + ;) = happy weekend!

    thank you for your time, i really appreciate it!

  24. OK, I see that Lakhsmita won, I wanted to be the first to say good weekend!

  25. oh, I can be the last, have the same importance, is not it?
    They say that the last shall be first? and extremes meet

  26. Alfredo is Roberto!
    Ha Ha thanks, anyway, if I had to compete with L. I will always let her win :)

  27. @ IP : ;) and thank you!!!!! the same to you!

    @ Alfredo: thanks! But why people always like to compete with each other?

    is it due to their pride?

    why should we compete?
    Competition is a battle, and we humans can indulge such things. But is it always necessary ?

    isn't it better to collaborate together?

  28. Mmmmmmmmm. love and peace
    yeah, yeah
    beautiful, but I remember that some have already said before
    anyway there was no battle here, please!
    the word "win" does not necessarily refer to the end of a battle
    In addition, there are battles very pleasant :) and :) and :) and :)
    good weekend!!!!!! :)