I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Watch this for four minutes and thirty-three seconds...☺

"I have nothing to say and I am saying it  
and that is poetry as I needed it"

John Cage


The word silence may refer to any absence of communication, even in media other than speech.
And I was absent for some time. Away from Blogger's world. Even there it is too noisy sometimes and I do not want to increase the noise more.
“Do not speak unless you can improve the silence”. 

I like to thank all who visited my blog and commented on my last post or sent me an e-mail. I really appreciate it though I did not answer you. 


  1. You are So Good!! Does that improve the silence?

  2. I already looked at this for four minutes and thirty-three seconds ... I feel hypnotized, I'm a chicken co-co-co-co-co!

  3. Now talking seriously.
    is a good allegory of silence.
    There is a saying that says something like "if you have nothing better to say that silence, better shut your mouth"
    I think I should look at your wonderful job with my mouth shut!
    Hasta el lúnes, toma un paseo por tu maravilloso paisaje!

  4. I'm afraid if I put him in freedom, the outside he feel more a prisoner!

  5. If this is the result of 2 weeks contemplation, please go ahead, we don't mind waiting for an image like this.

  6. @Sandy : thanks!

    @ Rod : OF COURSE I am SO GOOD ;) !! (thanks, Rod)

    @ Roberto: hi Roberto, thanks for observing my drawing for 4min and 33 minutes. Yes, El silencio es más elocuente que las palabras, don't you think?

    @ Rene: thanks a lot for your comment, Rene! I take it as a compliment! It is necessary to take a break now and than, ( not necessarily in a total silence) and re-charge batteries....

  7. I thought the silent intercourse could be more romantic, but obviously in this matter, no one can say how it should be 100x100.
    probably in your country, wind is the music that accompanies the death of the day within the female abyss
    Dawn is the result of that intercourse.

    The language of the soul? maybe, maybe,
    But I do not think we can hear it until it reaches the last moment of our lives. the last silence, the last wind, the last flame of a match.

  8. really caught my attention. nice image!

  9. LOVE this one. Quite compelling

  10. Heisann!

    I also have been silent concerning IF.
    Less is more ;:OD)
    Wonderful illustration !

  11. Thanks !! I really appreciate you write me a word!

  12. ...and here i am.

    hows the bloglife? :))
    everything cool?
    i did the same thing.
    so many blogs so little time, lets take a break.

    If talk is silver then silence is gold.

  13. i thank You for visiting my blog.
    hihi, dont worry about bloglife, it has its own life, and so do we.