I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Foreshadowing which indistinctly suggest certain twirl developments that might come..


  1. Wow super. How did you make this!

  2. This is breathtakingly clear! Thank-you for explaining!

  3. Now this is an interesting and cool effect. But now I am dizzy.

  4. Hah you had me on the title, and then on the image, and then, only then, on the caption. Foreshadowing ? Heh.... :)

    How's this line out of Dan Brown's Book on the Holy Blood.

    If Cardinal Frankenfard had known that opening that door would have bought about a catalytic catalclasm that would destroy the whole of humanity for the next eight million years, he wouldn't have opened the door.

    Yea? Amazing piece of Literature :)

    I like your work so much better :) And when we are as rich as Dan Brown we will be better still :)

    Hope life is treating in the manner to which a man of your talents deserves :)

  5. Hi, how are you, I've noticed that lately you have not visited my blog?????????

  6. I am very very surprised you never have seen these twirlifications. There are many of them around us, just keep eyes open !
    Thanks all of you for stopping by.
    @ roberto: thanks I am fine. How do you do?
    I have noticed it also :) ! (I hope it does not feel as a disaster ;))

  7. no disaster at all.
    Ehhh. I have a translator on my blog. which is not very good but it works, otherwise I would not be writing

  8. Lovely, ghostly, twirly & unearthly!

  9. I look forward to such developments in the twirlification.

  10. @Rod: twirlification is going on ..... if we want or not... it 's life