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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fairy Tale Tree Houses 12

Last time it is pretty rare to find some fairy tail tree houses in the woods. I was thinking that it might be due to financial crisis that cause the problems also in the fairy tail tree house construction industry.  I wanted to proof my theory so I decided to go to the forest to search for evidence supporting my concerns.
It was a very long walk. The weather was just fine but there were no fairy tail tree houses at all. Than suddenly I found one.

 It was very poorly constructed. 

The second one which was standing not so far from the first one, was a bit better builded.
On the way back I found a classical, well builded fairy tail tree house. I was very happy to find such one.

Dear reader, I owe you, however, the answer : I did not find satisfying evidence and running some statistical programs did not lead to the significant results. The number of houses found today is not enough to conduct objective, unbiased research.

But I promise you I will continue ....... :)


  1. Nice fairy tale houses..you find some big fairies?

  2. Wonderful.

    Yes, please continue . . . .

  3. of course it is OK, why not?
    in fact, you can tell him to look at my site like RIGHT NOW!!!!!


    see youuuuu

  4. Oh come on... you built these fairy houses yourself, didn't you??

    ...and look how much better you got with practice! Number three looks quite habitable.

  5. @Rod: not yet!!

    @ Rick: I do, believe me :)

    @ illustration poetry: yes, I found one and I told him. And he was amazed ( he should comment on your blog as well)

    @ Ted: me? No way, Ted:) I have Pat & Matt for all building and fixing stuff !

  6. Oh such clever faries. This is important research, do keep going.

  7. Want to say interesting splashes of paint on If forward!!!..No where to make comment on that post (for me anyway.)

  8. Hay Art
    Is it the weegend yet?
    If so 'appy weegend to you!
    Ahh I just love your fairy tale houses, you know why?
    Because they are fairy tale houses!
    We all need one in our life.
    They are like caves, but more portable.
    And let the smoke out :)

    see you from here

    I'll be back as usual in about four weeks I hope.... fr^%^%^%%iggen shoulder still stuffed

    and not enough Shiraz :)

  9. hihi thanksss!!!!!

    btw whats with the scissors???
    is she breaking up and moving on by cutting contact to move forward with her life??

  10. I wonder really what happened with you since your last comment on my blog was on 30 December, and I've noticed in other blogs you've left your comments during this time. You said it was for the Spanish language. but I remember very well that you comment in several occasions (including in Spanish) my status in Gmail
    Obviously, bloggers have no obligation to anyone.
    no one is compelled to comment or to visit blogs. but you did it regularly with my blog.
    that is why I have been surprised, if you have a problem with me, tell me. OK?
    Good night.