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Saturday, February 12, 2011

IF: sweater

Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge: this week

Once upon a time there lived a mouse named Mouse. When she gave birth to a baby mouse they moved to an old sweater in the corner of the Secret Garden. It was a very secret garden because nobody ever visited this place but me..... 

When the full moon spreads its silver light during the night, I can see mouses sleeping with their tails woven in an infinity-like symbol.
Symbol of Unconditional love …..


This drawing is from my red, white and black dream period. It is about a man who lives in a city of the two red towers. Everything is red. And everybody is red. In order not to attract attention of the rulers his sweater has color of the power.....

Unfortunately it is not a dream for everybody.....for some people it is still bitter reality. 


  1. I regret to say that I also know that corner where the mice live, and their tails are a symbol of unconditional love.
    (perhaps also saw MC ESCHER:)) (you know)

    I left them once, my old sweater for that they had no cold on winter nights when snow fell silently.
    Beautiful story.
    (The other story is not as romantic, today I'm not for crudities, sorry)
    Good weekend in the land of artichokes!!!!

  2. Eh ...
    I am a survivor.
    Every morning I pick with my left hand, a wire +, and with the other hand a wire-
    Maybe my wife says she gets a burning smell.
    But I start my day that way.

  3. yeah, yeah, I remember very well the Moon by Georges Méliès. moons in illustrations of J Verne's books.
    But my perception is a feminine moon. Maybe it's the feminine article "la" of the Castilian language.
    Anyway, I prefer a moon woman (who comes to visit me at night and kisses me on the mouth
    -search my old post about it, please- ... I said, I prefer the moon-woman not a moon-faced man. no, please!!!!. I respect the tradition of your country, but I prefer to imagine the moon woman :)
    and this is a very beautiful moon-woman.

  4. Ha ha! eagle eye you have! ja ja
    was a gift.
    Maybe, sometime, may have a moon-faced artichokes in my header! But I do not think so.
    Positively, no.

  5. OH no, alcachofa loco is not suitable for moon face. Maybe for lunacy...?

  6. Heisann!

    Creative work plus interesting and fabulous words!

    I wish you a happy Valentine's day ;:OD)

  7. Great image. It has the feel and mystery of the prehistoric caves I once visited in the Dordogne.

  8. Beautiful work! I am always so impress with people who do this type of very ornate art!! Beautiful, really!!

  9. Thank you all for encouraging words. I do appreciate it very much.

    @Rene: Although it was not done in the spirit of cave paintings, there might be some resemblance. As in some of my latest work.

  10. I love the red dream, visually of course

    and thanks for your comment :)

  11. everytime i visit here i get scared sometimes nervous! :D

    you remind me of someone i dearly loved a long long looooong time ago when the winds own Forget-me-nots blow.

    i dunno why you were talking about Secret Garden, but this place is really sacred for me.

  12. i love that everything is so red.
    in where i live, everything is so blue, it makes me cry.

  13. i re-read your profile (in order to make sure myself that you arent "him", ahahaha silly me!) ive never been to Netherlands before, is it beautiful?

  14. @Sympathy for The Devil: I am who I am. Art-is-jokken. Or artichoke.
    If I woke up in you some unpleasant memories about somebody or something from the past I do really apologize.
    I do not know of-course your Secret Garden. Everybody has his own Secret Garden. I visit this place only sporadically, it has to stay secret. For me it is an escape.....

    Be happy that not everything is red in your place.( Blue is fine color !)

  15. The mice illustration is very very sweet ! The black/red/white illustration takes me away to the dreamland... see you there soon ;-)