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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Omne vivum ex ovo

"Happy Easter" according to young artichoke
(from artisjokken archives) 

Happy Easter according to older artichoke 
(I did not decorate the eggs, I took only the picture!!!)

And do you know how the bird looks like  hatched from these eggs?  Neither do I.
But maybe something like that....

I wish you all Happy Easter!! 


  1. And now I'm sitting around thinking about chickens....there are some absolutely amazing "heritage" breeds that are perhaps as finely decorated as this one....

  2. the pattern on the bird reminds me of Batik pattern, which is gooooood, very popular here in my country!

  3. @Coreopsis: thank you for your visit! I do not have any chicken, yet..... but you are right, some chicken feather pattern are unbelievably beautiful
    @ Wiccan Witch: I know batik, some patterns are really wonderful.