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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mushroom hunting

 Mushroom hunter with a wicker basket.

The season begin. The mushrooms start to show their beautifully shaped bodies, developed unseen in the forest litter, after a  period of life-giving rain. You can see many people as this man on the picture above in the forests now. Mushroom hunting in the wild, typically for eating is a very popular "sport" in many countries in  Eastern Europe. It is a common family activity. I remember  as child when I got a "sign" (omen) from the "senior picker" : Now is the right time. It was exciting for me as the "junior" picker to accompany an experienced senior picker.
1. All mushrooms are edible - once.
2. To learn mushroom-picker etiquette that an amateur picker will not become the primary hunter in an area he has recently been introduced to by a senior picker.

It it similar to fishing: the secret spots ( mushroom picking areas) are only shared withs the closest family or best friends. The real abasement started after you came back with very little or no  Boletus, or porcini (these are very praised among pickers) : you was abandoned from the mushroom community and condemned to isolement.......it is hard to be mushroom picker. 

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