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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Petri, Klein or Frankland dish ?

Who actually invented the plate called Petri dish? Julius Richard Petri, Emanuel Klein or Percy Frankland ? Nobody knows exactly. Whether it was a case of  technological evolution or whether Klein and Frankland were robbed of their proper place in science history by a more famous laboratory (Petri worked for the renowned German scientist Robert Koch), we will probably never know. 

I sketched some of the creatures living in the soil. I put them in the Petri dish and I gave all of them a name: Proboscisus giganteus, Centipedesus soili, Scotomaeus blindi and Rostrumiana oviparous.


  1. I want Proboscisus giganteus, Centipedesus soili, Scotomaeus blindi and Rostrumiana oviparous on my petri dishes. Science would have been so much fun with a little bit more imagination!

  2. Do not worry, *******, they are everywhere. Just keep your eyes open and you will find them.