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Friday, December 24, 2010

IF: Winter

Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge: this week

Nature brings to us one of her exquisite creations by weaving intricate patterns on the winter surface of puddles. If you examine frozen puddles very properly, carefully and patiently without fear being accused of madness, than you will be rewarded by these beautiful icy creatures which will appear to you in the morning light.
I found them near by a farm, in a big puddle of frozen water. The title of this drawing is "Ice Farmer "as you have already correctly derived from my writing.

The farmer is surrounded by a number of friendly poikilotherms which are invisibly connected to each other in order to keep right body temperature.

I cordially recommend to everybody just keep your eyes open and enjoy from these little things. You know, dear reader, they can quickly dissolve without you have noticed it. Once disappeared, forever disappeared.


  1. Best Christmas wishes, also for these poikilotherms.

  2. Alas no frozeness of any sort here maybe I should study the dust? ^_^

  3. Thank you all for your comments.

    Kylie, it is a great idea! May be after "the frozeness" are gone I will spent some time to study the dust!

  4. i'll keep my eyes open.
    i hope i could find one poikilotherm or two!

  5. Thank-you for reminding me to keep my eyes open to the magic and possibilities. I love your little poikilotherms. The white on the black background is lovely.

  6. I feel honored by your words. I will definitely tell to all poikilotherms you like them!! ( hopefully I am not to late because of thawing :D )