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Sunday, February 6, 2011

IF: reverse

Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge: this week

“The reverse side also has a reverse side.”

Reversed world according to "Fibbing art"


  1. Heisann! Thanks so much for your comment on my post.

    Your illustration is marvelous, I like the image of the material, and the face as a shadow of the animals created on different levels in the evolution. Great ;:OD)

  2. Wow--what a marvelous illustration! Beautiful beautiful shapes and colors and textures.

  3. Hello, crazy artichoke !!
    This is a very good idea!
    It is true, all reverse side has his own reverse side!!! .
    Which is not to say that is the same reverse side.
    When you see the reverse of your reverse, then, is no longer the same reverse that you saw earlier.
    This is like saying "you never bathe twice in the same river".
    Interesting theory, if we applies to the relationship with a woman.
    Well this means you do not sleep two nights with the same woman. (I think, is better than my wife does not read this)!!!

  4. Oh ... my header ... weird things happen in lakes that are around my house!

  5. Uhmmmmmmm! forgiveness.
    I did not say that the paint is very good.

  6. Wonderful illo and quote;
    how do u manage to obtain this antique & fossil-like effect in your illos? is astonishing!

  7. All your comments are highly appreciated, thank you very much, Rene, Coreopsis and Raluca .

    @ Vilt og vakkert : indeed, there is some "touch" of evolution. And the face shadow ....is of me! :)

    @ elquesusurraenlaoscuridad : your thoughts about relation/sleeping with a woman are indeed very likely. Have you seen my older post "You cannot step twice into the same river"?
    BTW, great lakes , it is never boring there.

  8. ah, yes, maybe the yellow submarine that appeared in my lake took me too. I think that took me somewhere ... anywhere.
    I think that whoever is writing now is not me.
    Should be the reverse of me. Yes, actually I'm convinced.

  9. Hi somebody from yellow submarine! I am glad you have wi-fi on the board! So you are able to keep communicating from anywhere on the Earth and beyond...even from the reverse site. Hopefully you do not use the reverse alphabet from "Somewhere".... :)

  10. They look at each other like they’re confused.
    The other said to another: I'm going to kiss you now because I can't do anything else.

  11. so how are you today?
    everything okay here?


  12. oh bytheway i can see the shadow of youuuu!!!!

  13. oh my... the reverse side also has a reverse side... I'm going to ponder on this forever now ! Such great illustration !!!!

  14. Fabulous piece! I really like the textures and almost Jungian atmosphere you've created here...

  15. Thank you for your comment. The longer I look at your illustration, the more interesting details I see!

  16. I am getting red cheeks from all these nice comments!! Thank you!!

  17. Really nice. Color and texture effects are lovely :)