I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Saturday, June 11, 2011

IF: swept


  1. OK OK, very good picture!
    EXPRESSIVE! (I have no to say, you are the artist and you know, I hate the obvious)
    I hate the word "weird" when talking about art, but the first thing I think when I see something like this that you show is "weird"
    I'm sorry, obviously I still do not know to see art:(

  2. I will return and will be millions (Eve P.)

  3. @today I have wanted to be roberto :

    I do not know, if it is very good picture as you say. I do not know even, if it is an EXPRESSIVE picture.
    But I know it is a weird picture! Thank you! Who is talking about art?
    You are perfectly right, you don't have to apologize for not seeing art on this page! (there is only a weird creature)

    But seriously, don't you think this creature is reflection of our world we live in? Do you really think that all what happens on our blue ( blue, yet) planet is perfect? How many events in our mankind history were swept under the carpet of oblivion?

    @something more:

    OMG, than I will read million times : It is weird!!!

  4. Oh, obviously, this creature even reflects me! (not ha ha)
    we all have our garbage under the carpet,
    the important thing is that when we show that trash, we know apologize and be ashamed.
    the artist's work functions as a mirror to those who know to look at themselves in it.
    Art is Jokken-Mirror manufacturer, to see ourselves from the inside.
    Congratulations (and thanks)

  5. is this one of nature's enchanting little creatures that works its role in the darkness under my rug???

    if so, i completely agree with you, this is just too precious to be swept.

  6. like seriously, WHERE ARE YOUUUU????

  7. okay im tired of sitting in front of my PC now, gotta go byebye, buzz me anytime!!! :D

  8. Ohhhhh I love the flower at the end of his tail.....

  9. @ serious Rorerto and serious Lakhsmita: thanks a lot . Glad we all agree.

    @ Mellisa: Oh , Mellisa, thank you. It's me, an artichoke!

  10. Very intriguing beastie you have here! I wonder what sort of mischief he's trying to hide under that carpet? Does he use the artichoke blossom as a broom?

    I especially like his geographical markings & textures...

  11. @Curious Art: Indeed, I tried to imply some geographical markings...right. (I guess you are the first one who noticed it.)
    This beastie represent all of us over the world, trying to hide events inappropriate for some ears.....
    Probably I should need more time to spent on it, but I have so much time and so little to do...:D

  12. Even without all the philosophy, it's a nice, cute, vintage artisjokken.

  13. I like his artisjokken-tail :-)

  14. @ Rene and Nelleke : erg bedankt, thanks a lot ! ( sometimes it is good to philosophize a little bit!)

  15. you better work. the fun does not pay salary, haha :)
    you saw the lunar eclipse?
    or Holland will not be?
    here yet, not at night. I'll see if it inspires me a picture

  16. Still have not gone away the clouds of heaven Dutch?

  17. oh no!
    last night I was ready to see the eclipse
    so the Muses inspire me a wonderful illustration
    I fulfilled all the ancient rites...
    and my wife tells me:
    "Roberto come to the house to eat some cheese and a glass of wine before dinner "
    And I forgot about the lunar eclipse!

  18. good weekend
    good pasture for Louise
    good wine to Ludek

  19. @ Roberto: no , no, I haven't seen anything. Unfortunately, all clouds from Holland were concentrating above my house, preventing me to see the moon.....:(

    Thanks ! I am just back from Louise, she is doing well, I had already some wine but the weather forecast does not look very promising for the coming weekend.

  20. Oh, sure, I'm sure in Argentina are the most beautiful women!!!!! :) Do you know La Morocha Argentina?
    but you must look well in Holland. women kissing eyes are not always the most beautiful.
    and I am sure that in your country are also
    but I said it may take centuries until you see a woman with kiss eyes. do not despair
    Mmmmmmm sheep ...
    maybe ...
    I never saw (with kiss eyes)

  21. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kisses for me can be red,
    the kiss of Judas, I guess green, maybe ...
    also be white kisses (with contempt)
    bah ... I digress

  22. @ roberto: the problem is we have here in Holland La Rubia Argentina only :D

  23. sorry, I meant La Rubia Holanda!!