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Saturday, June 18, 2011



  1. EH !!!!!!
    Louise could be La Rubia Argentina!
    now I understand why the sheep kiss eyed!!!! She speaks? or just say BEEEEEEE?
    I think one of these nights I ask you to lend me to Louise for me to tell how she jumps the fence 1, 2, 3 ....
    because lately I'm not sleeping very well.
    Well, blonde women are very attractive, in fact, I'm married to one
    OH NO! I think I should write again the story of my life to leave this comment! Blogger, I hate you! (said with love)

  2. @ Nelleke : yes, the teeth, charming.....:D

    @ I Hate Blogger: (btw, I hate the Blogger too!!!:D )
    Thanks, yes , you know what I mean ...
    I can send Louise for short holiday to Argentinian "pastos" and than she can help you with your sleeping problems. But the other option is counting... look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmbmNp1RDCE

  3. ja ja ja ja ja ja!
    thank you very much!
    (I like Mr. Bean)
    is a good resource, I have no idea what to count sheep to sleep, it might be easier with other animals, or to count cars that are very boring ...
    bah, taking a passionflower tea I also sleep.
    thanks anyway!
    Oh,Blogger is crazier every day! now I can leave my comment!

  4. Eh ... I have a doubt ...
    What else count sheep when they can not sleep?
    Here the pollsters write: NSNC,this means: No Sabe No Contesta, which means "do not know, no answer"
    "No Comment" :)

  5. @Roberto: : I don't know what the sheep with sleeping problems count but I never met such sheep !

  6. hellooooo!!!!!
    i just came back from my holiday :D
    hahahah, i miss blogging, finally!
    did you miss meeee????? xD

    oh yes yes, this is my current desktop background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. louise is the beautifulest desktop background :D heheh...

  8. bleeeh bleeeh, (it means thank you in "sheepish language)