I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Sunday, June 19, 2011

IF: launch


  1. OH, OH, OH ...
    creepy, I do not know why I can think of that: "the beauty of the macabre"
    I really like how you used the seeds!!
    Very clever!
    The landscape in the lower part of the work reminds me of Brueghel, that loneliness.
    I hate analysis of works of art. sorry if this is felt as an analysis!
    a hug

  2. Eh. in my country today is Father's Day.
    I do not know if you're a parent.
    And if so is Holland today
    but if you are, Happy Day!

  3. Oh, I have no how to attack
    I will wait for your next work

  4. @ roberto: you say "creepy and macabre", sounds like I have to collect stamps or whatever....
    Hmmm, I thought it is just one of many episodes from our world. Maybe is our world "creepy and macabre" but it is not definitely only creepy and macabre. There are so many interesting( and nice) things to be launched as these new maple saplings .....If you observe just emerging seedlings in the forest, than you realize how long way they have to go to reach the highest top of their other maple friends...

    But keep analyzing, you are always welcome!!
    I have to think about Kafka's words : In the distorting mirror of art, reality appears undistorted.
    Have a good day and thanks for you visits!

    (parenting as well!!:D I had two happy days, thanks!)

    Waiting for your next attack :)

  5. Oh. attack will not now!
    I am convinced that the work of art without an observer does not exist.
    And the observer, in addition to "close the loop" when looking at the artwork is as if he were in front of a mirror so that interprets the work as his "inner world" which is why there will never be two identical obsevers, no two interpretations will be the same.
    It is very, very likely, that my inner world, today is creepy and macabre, you understand?

  6. Hello for me it's enigma and anthromorphism and we see things that might be there, but perhaos are not, the elements are human, and are at the same time, are not

    we see what we want to see, it's the ouija board of images,,:) :)

    that's the best type of image, the one that engages our imagination

    sorry about the spelling, english is my first language and still I treat it like my second one :)

  7. Ludek Hello!
    Well, good weekend, ¡Comenzó el verano allí!... and you can try on your bathing suit,
    A kilo more, that was out there for the winter?:)

  8. Thank you , gentlemen , for your kind words. I was not able to respond quickly to your comments. I can only say, I really really appreciate it.

    Roberto , it is absolutely truth what you wrote about the observer ...
    and my bathing suit is patient enough , it is peacefully resting in my wardrobe

    Andrew, gud Enlish inded !! :D

    But your English is still beter than my "looklikeenglish" !!

  9. speaking seriously, im jealous of your ability to create such things...(by things i mean creatures).

  10. @indira lakhsmita : oh no, I only put them on the paper. Nothing more. I did not create them. They WERE already created. But I am glad you like them. ( they live in FAIRY TAIL TREE HOUSES, you know..)