I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Why this is very midsummer madness" William Shakespeare

 Midsummer. Night. Dream Or Madness. 


  1. This is a wonderful image for Midsummer Night. I am in love with her rose pedal skirt. Dreamy, ethereal, great!!!

  2. Ha Ha now I understand why "summer nightmare!"
    (a nightmare with the flu and another nightmare on the computer:)
    While not as nightmare I think
    These are Theseus and Hippolyta?... or Herminia and Lisandro...or I dont know... sure (nice names...I do not know those names would put a son of mine
    Perfect,the Shakespearean metamorphosis!!
    And the infinity of a eternal midsummer night between couples in love!
    excellent interpretation!
    (The flu makes you good for creativity!!!)

  3. Oh perhaps William was a little crazy.
    as Mozart, Ludwig Van, Vincent, James Ensor ...
    all of us...
    Drink a cup of tea!!!

  4. The rose skirt makes this a mesmerizing image.

  5. Oh, sorry, I should not say
    Drink a cup of tea!
    I should say:
    Would be better if you drink a cup of tea:)
    (When we have flu in my country, we drink a cup of hot red wine with honey. And then we get into bed to sweat, I do not know if we cure the flu, but surely we will have strange dreams)

  6. @ Elisabeth Rose: Thanks for visiting...and leaving compliments!

    @ Roberto: Thanks for your comments! Sometimes the summer flu brings unprecedented and unheard ideas in my head, and it makes this at least more tolerable.....(...being ill is quite boring)
    And about drinking tea: good tea is not bad, but good wine is even better! For me it works opposite way: if I drink wine I do not dream at all!!
    Thanks for advice !

    @Rene: Thanks so much for your appreciation!

  7. intriguing-favorite part are the outstretched arms

  8. A Midsummer Night's Mare!.
    Gives me the chills, and makes me antsy to wake... Mood and freakiness combined with the empty expressions make for restless sleep tonight.

    Nicely conceived.


  9. Oh, I forgot another crazy
    Francisco de Goya y Lucientes... Do you know?: "La Quinta del Sordo" and the "Black Paints", obviously.

  10. Another crazy: Julio Cortazar!!!

  11. Maybe Jack Kerouac????...I did read "The Dharma Bums" and "On the Road" when I was 18! That was long long long ago
    Satori in Paris I did read it a few years later... I thought was a Beatnik haha (how old, please)
    I will mourn

  12. @ Elena: thanks a lot!

    @ Richard: very well!! If it does not do anything with you than it is not good enough. Thanks, Richard, for your appreciation! GOOD NIGHT! :)

    @ Roberto: thanks, there are (were) many "crazy" in this world and fortunately also many "good crazy" among us.

    How do you know that this my work was simply a "sudden illumination" or a 'sudden awakening' ? Satori, how did you know it?

    Beatnik,anticonformist... sounds good.

  13. @ Roberto: I think this work "Midsummer. Night. Dream Or Madness. " is just an artisjokken....

  14. My age is actually 123 years
    but in 2009 I became a lifting, shortly after I took out some wrinkles on my neck
    in 2010 I was operated on the eyelids and a few months after (you saw that I said I went to my daughter's wedding?) it is lie, I have no children, I actually interned in a clinic for rejuvenation treatment!!!!
    now I look like a 26 year old
    (tomorrow I will apply botox, and appear 25)
    do not tell anyone, but should I get a hair implant
    and I look like a teenager, 17 years old!!!!

  15. @Roberto: oh, you have been fooled, amigo! No surgery or applying botox can prevent you from an inevitable aging..... no, no!
    The secret is is called Superoxide Dismutase!
    But than, you become a young man. Do you want to throw away all your wisdom you "collected" on your 123 year lasting journey ? Do you like to see crying Happy Prince again? All the nightmares from last 100 years ?
    Well, than you are 17 again... with a lot of hair...

    The alternative is to drink a "magic" tea from Ganoderma fungi, but I can not give you the warranty....

  16. Some Lewis Caroll in your Shakespeare ?

  17. @ Marie: thanks for your visit!

    "I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

  18. Stunning! I love the skirt... your original concepts are great..

  19. Very intriguing... lovely atmosphere!! Dream or madness... I would say both, as nightmares are just that. And there is something about midsummer. I love your piece! Such nice details, very inspiring, I like darkness, brings us to places we often refuse to visit. In the long run, I think digging can be healthy, good for the soul!

  20. woooohooooo my FAVE!!!!
    Midsummer-night-dream-madness... who cares???
    this is outstanding, really :)))

  21. i LIKED it, too bad i missed this post!!!

  22. hello, i just had to come back:
    i trust you.
    now trust me.
    this is brilliant.

  23. @ Mellisa, Isabelle and indira lakhsmita: did I earn all these nice comments? I can't believe it. But I really really like your appreciations ! Thank youuuu so much!