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Saturday, March 5, 2011

IF: warning

Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge: this week

“Red sky at night, sailors delight;
red sky at morning, sailors warning.”
 proverb quote


  1. Heisann!
    Marvelous illustrated... with a touch of something indefinable that I appreciate!
    Love it ;:OD)

  2. I see little touches of color, which indicates to me that the person who did this knew exactly what he did (look like words of a policeman looking at a crime, well, you may have killed the bad taste with a good work of art)

  3. im pretty sure im not hallucinating this time.
    cos i see the tulip petal.

    i do have excellent eyes, dont i? xD

  4. @Mr. Roberto: Please, please, no exaggerated comments! I hesitated if I have to post it!

    @Vilt og vakkert: Thank you. I tried to capture this quote as accurately as possible.

  5. @Sympathy for The Devil: I knew it you will mention it!! Yes, I was just checking your eyes!!! :)

    yes, yes, the bird left his flower, as the soul leaving the dead body

  6. then, very good, really.
    so this is like a warning sign.
    the bird is looking at the warning sign!

    have a nice weekend!

  7. This is ominous....really good

  8. Thank you, Sympathy for The Devil, Elena, Melissa and Rene, for your kind words.

  9. beautiful! skillful and spontaneous too.

  10. Hi Art!
    I am very sorry that your comments will evaporate. I swear that I have nothing to do. Maybe you live near the sun ... and you know what happens.
    Thank you very much for your comment. You're an smart person.
    And do you know on what note you're smart? that you do not show it. An smart person is not around the world doing to other people notice.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Wow! Very interesting, very smart and very well done! Love the depth!

  12. No, no, no this is impossible, I refuse to believe it, this can not happen.
    This is a trick. this is an optical ilucion!
    NO This is IMPOSSIBLE!
    Thanks. but I do not sleep tonight thinking about how this can be possible!
    I try to invoke the spirit of MCE. (perhaps in a dream he tell me, how it can be.)

  13. Hey well for me I like the best the boat going sideways - this is a touch to make us think - not to mention the juxtaposition of bird and boat. But the colours of the background ! all so well balanced.

    PS I always copy my comments before I post them! It's terrible when they vamismoe!

  14. @Roberto(apartirdehoyestoymuyfeliz) : Do you mean it seriously, really ?
    Than I feel VERY VERY good today!! Thank you!

    @ Jack: Thank you for your comment!

    @ Mr. Roberto: did you dream about MCE? Did he tell you what you wanted to know? I did not mention that it is all true what you see. Hopefully you sleep well tonight!

    @ Andrew: well, I am flattered by your words, Mr. Juxtaposition! ( I see you have very refined taste:) )

  15. I've noticed that humans have a vision of things from an average height 1.65 to 1.75 meters. then if we have to draw a tree for example, our drawing will: trunk-branches-leaves (bottom-up) but if we were a bird, perhaps our drawing would be: leaves and branches (top to bottom) and for dog who rarely looks up (unless the tree, there's a cat), the drawing will only trunk.
    If you want another day I can go on explaining my theory, as seen on a tree, according to the kind of animal
    Last night, to my dream came MCE, but did not want to talk, he promised to return tonight.

  16. very satisfying gritty texture, and nice play with elements & composition.

  17. Thanks, Richard! I am really interested in all kind of (natural) textures. There is so much to explore, yet....

  18. He returned last night and said:
    "Up is down, and down is up.
    Inside is outside and outside is inside".
    He looked into my eyes and said, "You are the Art Gallery's child"
    Obviously, I was very happy

  19. Great! I am glad for you he finely talked to you!