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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Leaden Heart


"It is not to Egypt that I am going," said the Swallow. "I am going to the House of Death. Death is the brother of Sleep, is he not?"

And he kissed the Happy Prince on the lips, and fell down dead at his feet.

At that moment a curious crack sounded inside the statue, as if something had broken. The fact is that the leaden heart had snapped right in two. It certainly was a dreadfully hard frost..........

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde


  1. Beautiful picture. Love the little door.

  2. Thank you, Sympathy for The Devil and Rene!
    I never forget this book. When I read it for the first time it made very strong and deep impression on me. At that time I made a painting inspired by an other story from this book- THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE ROSE. And I have still this painting in my house!!

  3. really?
    will you post it on your blog???
    i want to see...

    i love that short story too!

  4. I will try it, I have to take a picture of this painting...

  5. cool!

    okay, happy weekend to you and to the sheep!