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Saturday, April 30, 2011

IF: lesson

Never trust strangers even if they have more eyes than you! 

"Never argue with an idiot "


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  2. Here I go again (I pressed the wrong key and my comment made ​​no sense - (less than the following)
    (at least now you have two pictures of me)

    Very good lessons, both. The problem is who judges which of the two persons who are to begin to discuss is the idiot.

  3. i dont like strangers let alone trust them.
    and i hate strangers with thousands of eyes.
    oh but seriously, there is this stranger guy who is starting to get annoying. and i hate hate hate that his eyeballs are stalking me all the time. i swear the other day i meant to tell you about this when i saw you online!

  4. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-6uni16YindM/Tbx3kFd_kRI/AAAAAAAABD0/OMeynjUrkp0/s1600/lesson2.jpg

    what is the bird doing up there?

  5. I don't like strangers either, especially the ones with many eyes. But I am afraid of the blind ones too.

  6. @lasalgasmesientanbien: I noticed already, since you was away your hair was growing very rapidly!! Thanks I enjoy it twice ....:D
    Thanks also for your comment.
    You know , Wiccan Witch asked, why I put the bird on my picture. Well, the answer is : he is the judge , the birds always know......We humans, however, don't....

    @Wiccan Witch: Take a pair of scissors and ............"edit" some eyes...:D
    about bird: see previous answer

  7. @Ces:thank you, Ces,for stopping by! Good if you aware of eyed strangers! Sometimes it is difficult to understand only one pair of "regular" eyes!!
    Have you read The Blindness by José Saramago? (than I am afraid of the blind ones too)

    @Janet: thank you for your visit and comment!

  8. I believe my own eyes, and my eyes do like your snail and your idiot :-)

  9. One morning I woke with something in my head (from the outside, obviously, on the inside is empty)
    And I realized that I had a beautiful wig made ​​of red seaweed. Then I tried to go back to sleep, because I expected to find the siren had given me. But it was not, only I saw a Japanese ship killing whales, Noooo. that nightmare!
    ... algae were stained by his blood ...
    I become sad. I better go for a walk with my dog​​.
    True, away from the keyboard I felt very well ... but I missed you all.

  10. Brilliant ideas, brilliant art! Thank you for your comment in Czech at my blog. It's really unusual situation for me ;-)

  11. Depending on how big that snail-like creature is, I could definitely learn to love it and believe it. (Obviously, I prefer my snails to be small. Especially, multi-eyed ones.)

  12. Lesson 2 is very important. Learn it, live it. Very humorous ideas. Great images!

  13. heh the snail is a crackup, so true, one eye is good, ten must be better, I'm wet therefore it must be raining ! (Actually I am wet and from the rain)

  14. @Nelleke: very good you believe your own eyes!

    @ lasalgasmesientanbien: what a bad dream! Beter to dream about the siren. Is it that face of siren you painted in the moon ? Beautiful portrait!
    Greetings to your dog!

  15. @ Vhrsti: Thank you so much for your kind comment! Je to skutecne tak neobvykle dostavat reakce v tomto jazyce ? :)

    @dosankodebbie : Thanks for your visit. Well, this particular snail is pretty big, as tall as the biggest spruce in the forest! So for some people it could be very scary:D

    @ David : oh, thank you! You are very smart man, lesson #2 is indeed very important!!

    @ Andrew: I like to ask a favor: can you send me some rain clouds for my garden, it is very dry here and my sheep likes a juicy green grass. Thanks. ( BTW, I will not tell it anybody but there is only 9 snail eyes :D)

  16. The bottom saying is really to the mark.

  17. Wow! Two for the price of one lessons! Cool! Great lessons and so well done! Nice work!

  18. The idiot image is endless in discovery and satisfies any visual hunger you might have.
    Very nice.


  19. @ Rene, Jack and Richard : Thank you very much , gentleman's, for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
    Richard, do you know you created an amazing sentence?

  20. Hey, thanks for coming back and tell me the conclusion you've arrived!
    Sometimes I think I dream with open eyes, I have waking nightmares.
    Sometimes I have a beautiful dream while awake.
    Sometimes I see the sun still asleep.
    and when I wake, I am just in front of a white paper, and begins a nightmare in watercolor colors.
    Sometimes the nightmare is a Japanese ship.
    Sometimes the dream is a beautiful mermaid.
    And sometimes, while I'm sleeping, someone shouts that it is time to sleep! it's too late, sleep now do not tell you more stories!