I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


“Marriage to a man as important as a bicycle to a fish.”


  1. The fish on bike was my first response too. I'll run the quote my by husband for verification;) I like the textures and the bait.

  2. It is a man fish! Fish with wheels, my head is spinning. :-D

  3. This is so0 terrific! Great texture and subject! Thanks for the smile this afternoon :o)

  4. Now who said that????

    Fabulous illustration--great textures and colors.

  5. Dit soort illustraties zijn super!

  6. @Elena: What did your husband answered? Was he "politically correct"?:D

    @LDahl: Sorry for that, next time I will make a "spinnig-less" illustration :)

    @Jack: Great! Keep smiling! Smiling not only makes us look younger and more attractive, it also brings numerous health benefits! ;)

    @Coreopsis: Oh, do not understand me wrong ! Of course the bicycles are very important for fishes! You never have seen a fish on the bike, have you?

    @Rene: thanks, I appreciate your comment!

  7. i shall take a note of it!!! :D
    okay let's find a man!!!!
    (a real man...)

  8. you make my fish look terrible :D take that as a compliment!
    (i drew a fish for you).


  9. Dark and funny at the same time - great work Mr Jokken.

  10. well I am so glad I saw this. Are you on my column of good artists on the RHS of my blog? If not you better be, hold on I will check.

  11. Every Saturday I see loads of fishes on bikes going from market to homes and husbands. Who will eat most of the fish.
    P. Who cycles a lot.

  12. Heisann!
    Sometimes a husband is a good friend to take on a tour by bike! Might not opposite!!!!
    Humorous drawing ;:OD)

  13. @Wiccan Witch : Thank you for your compliment! (BTW your fish has glow of the stars, "my fish" only two wheels)

    @Richard: Dark and funny- something as our life !! Thanks!

    @Andrew: Thank you, Mr.Finnie!! Gluing, gluing??

  14. @ LiquidBrick: Right, LiquidBrick! But those fishes have not really wheels, they are only using the wheels of husbands! Or have you seen a new species of fish with mounted wheels on their body?

    @Vilt og vakkert: Thank you for your comment. I guess you are right.

  15. Ah well but your quote says bicycle not mounted wheels. Anyway, as you rightly state in your later message, don't argue with an idiot :DDD (that would be me)
    Still. I love cycling.