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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bumble Bee update/ Louise update

Bumble Bee

Some time ago I wrote something about my bumble-bees. Well, they are still buzzing in their nesting birdhouse. As you can see, 5 security guards are controlling the entrance now.  It is still very busy there:
buzzing in the morning, buzzing in the afternoon, buzzing in the evening and - believe me (or not) - they are buzzing also in the night !! I noticed when it is a cold weather they are buzzing- producing heat for their offspring.  Their house is now completely filled with all kind of natural organic material (small pieces of moss and  leaves). 


Louise is waiting .....
 Exactly 5 min past 7 o'clock (19, 05 hours) Louise starts with her daily gym. 
First, of course, she has to go to the toilet....
...than she takes time to concentrate -mental preparation.. 

Running and jumping...
...and on the end grinning ....
And the audience? 
(rolling on (the) floor laughing)


  1. Haha is Louise doing that every day? That's so funny!! I wish I had her motivation to train hehehe Did you place the small gate so she can jump over it? Those pict are awesome anyway! :)

  2. Oh I know very well what the bees are, I had a couple of hives !!!!, to open them, I should smoke, with a small device, I ended with a terrible smell of smoke haha and never produced a single gram of honey!! Grrrrr finally I gave everything, including bees haha.
    Are experiences, I thought I would be a great producer of honey :(
    Hey, here's something very strange!
    Louise eventually turns into ..... horse?

  3. @ Isabelle: yes, she is very funny! I put indeed some piece of wood to jump over and she likes it very much! But it is true , Louise is good for my fitness as well. Thanks for your visit and your words!

    @ hombre con barba: Bumble bees are cute insects. At least I consider them to be cute and friendly insects. They never attack you . I am sorry for you that as honey producer you was not successful. I am not sure but I think
    the bumble bees make only a little bit of honey. It's just a small stock for a few days .... for their "private" use.
    Oh no, there is no metamorphosis of Louise! The audience - in this case
    two horses - are watching the "jumping art" of my sheep!

  4. AHAHAHAHA this is such a crazy post!!!!! :D

  5. Anonymous said...

    Hi, greetings from Louise !! I am just fine. Have a nice day! Blaah blaaah

    Louise, are you drunk?
    Bad bad bad Louise.
    Like how many times have i told you... dont drink without me!

  6. Crazy post? Hmmm, blaaah, blaaah

    (next time I will wait !!)

  7. hihi, this is funny, Louise has a nice concentrattion before she come to her practice.

  8. ....and beautiful bumble bee guards, I wouldn't dare to go in there!

  9. @Nelleke : thanks, bumble bees are very kind to me! If you ask them politely they let you visit their home! :D