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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Be aware of Dog

“A dog may bark, but his legs will never grow longer”


  1. Oh yes it is in my country
    How did you get that? ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Eh, I come back then, sorry, I have so much work for tomorrow!)

  2. ha ha this dog is like one who had my mother!
    (that dog always biting my heels)

  3. This beautiful little puppy would be good food for the Cthulhu in R'Lyeh!!! ja ja ja!!!!

  4. Poor ...
    with a little pepper must have good taste! JA JA JA :(

  5. Yes,
    yes, really?
    no, it is not puppy, it is a adult dog!!!and yes, good food the Cthulhu!
    yes, especially with Madame Jeanette!

    where are you going, wanderer?

  6. Actually I get nervous around little dogs like this-- they are the biting-est in my experience, & owners never seem to be in control!
    Love the bug's-eye-view angle!

  7. @Curious Art: thanks. It is true, they make, in general, a lot of noise (barking), but usually they are afraid to attack! This "dog" ,if it might be called a dog, was only 20 cm tall!! :D

  8. his legs MAY never grow longer, but i hate it when a dog chases me


  9. @ indira lakhsmita: 1. running is good exercise 2. you can chase him back

  10. All of these photos and the little statements are very interesting. I had a little dog once, and it amazed me that she was very much a dog (even though my cat was bigger), but my current dog is a big dog, and you can thump on him.

    These are beautiful photos, though quite on the edge of strangeness, which I really like.

  11. @ Coreopsis: thank you very much, Tickseed! I am glad you like it. ( you are right, I feel the same way -"on the edge of strangeness" :D )

    @ nelleke: dank je wel, het kostte me alleen twee geschaafde knieën!!