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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Very complicated relationships between Aphrodite,
Psyche and the ugliest man on earth

The gesture of Aphrodite lifting of the robe symbolized religious initiation and the ancient Greeks worshiped the woman's "rich" buttocks to obtain great wealth on earth...
(This is, however, not seen on the picture, please, use your imagination !)


  1. OK,
    I do not know ... Is this a comment? will ....
    ok ohhhhhh ... Kooky, I liked much more than Blair Witch, obviously! Thanks, I'll look at the video club. Will?
    I'll tell you a confession, I do not like women "nice", those who have everything perfect, I feel some attraction to any woman a little ugly, but I do not want to imagine Aphrodite's buttocks, no please, I prefer women "flat" in the lower back (I explain?)
    I think that I would not have turned my head down the street, to look Aphrodite :(
    Byeeeee ... Thank you for your No Comments!
    Listen this song:
    ♪♫Blue, blue, blue♫♫♫
    blue on blueeeeeee♪♫♪♫

  2. @Soy un poco paranoico lo siento♫ : you know, it is not important if you call it a comment or whatsoever it is...I appreciate all words which are written "freely" without obligations. Sometimes it is not necessary to comment at all! ....

    I think you are right about "beauty" of Aphrodite : probably some ages ago she was idol for many man and women, now we consider her beauty outdated. In these days we have an other idols. Do we like them? The are product of marketing, fashion. After some years a new generations will look at "our Aphrodite's" also with different eyes....

    So did you like my NO comments on your blog? You are welcome!I I like your blue song! Thank you!

  3. Forget the buttocks, I think rather they should first contemplate the "ugliest man on earth", and decide what exactly his intentions are. Once they have that sorted out, then perhaps they can relax into a bit of buttock worship.

    As always, safety first.

    (nice take on the prompt here)

  4. @ Richard: safety first, indeed. You make good point. Thanks for comment .

  5. i dunno... dont wanna imagination anyone's buttocks here xD
    but i'd imagine if Eros didnt prick himself with one of his golden arrows by mistake and causing him to fall in love with Psyche, i think i would be jealous of Psyche. The ugliest man on earth looks good to me.

  6. @ indira lakhsmita : It was not easy in these old days: in the story about Aphrodite and Psyche is spoken about dangerous sheep which are " mean and vicious".
    Luckily they do not mean Louise....