I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Monday, July 4, 2011

There's something going on under the ground

Landscape in G(ray)


  1. I like the word landscape, because its concept is constantly evolving, always. (obviously for artists) do not have to make here a review of the various works of art representative of the subject through the centuries, since the painting is painting.
    And all, somehow remain in force,
    I would say that your landscape is a landscape with a lot of your inside
    therefore, I would not encourage, to make a description or classified, beyond that I have said
    Simply is a big job!

  2. I looove this. Texture is amazing. Reminds me that sometimes we have to dig inside to find ourselves and grow.

  3. @roberto: oh roberto, yes, very autobiographical me-landscape. Can you see me?

    @Isabelle: thanks. It looks that my massage is understood...


    okay i will be back later.

  5. Ha Ha, you make me laugh, the only thing that has not changed since that time, was my name
    (sometimes I change my name on the blog, so my skin will not look as wrinkled)
    No no, I do not draw that horse, in those years I could not draw even a point, with the pencil (and even less with my right hand):)

  6. Haha talking about Kerouac and Beatniks, you told me once, "Ah
    Beatnik, anticonformist ... sounds good".do you remember?
    Ha ha, I thought I was, because I told my mother: "I ​​do not want to cut my hair!" silly stuff of adolescence :(

  7. @jack and roberto: Of course I remember. I know such adolescent things , I know it very well....( because I am still adolescent...:D)

  8. OK OK. I could not write before because I was taking the breast feed. I am a baby ha ha !!!!!

  9. Oh, finally
    the essence of your work of art was lost among my misplaced comments
    I apologize!

  10. @ de nuevo yo? : pssst , you are probably sleeping after such "dinner" !!

    @ de nuevo yo? you do no have to apologize! Why should you? Keep writing and do not worry !!

    @ BrandNewStudio : thank you for your compliments !