I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today sun is shining, after the pouring rain in last days.  Time to take a walk ....


  1. Today you made me search Vaccinium macrocarpon on You Tube, oh you bad bad bad artisjokken, i thought they were like some band... hahahah!!!!


  2. Oh. summer flowers.
    Do you know that here where I live, in summer, many wildflowers grow, Zinnias, Cosmos, Maria Luisa, and even orchids, yes. but winter is very dry and very cold, and everything is destroyed. Well will be the law of life, birth and death, to start over .... Hey ... speaking of dying ... There is a photograph of a Cicuta(Conium maculatum) or it seems to me?.....your camera is dangerous!

  3. bye bye im going to sleep now in order to prepare myself, hi hi, you know for the concert thing! :D

  4. @ indira lakhsmita : ha ha ha, some botanical knowledge can be always handy

    @ O yo, o yo? : no, no, I do not want end up as Socrates......This is Angelica , oh, Angelica .....sounds much better than Cicuta, don't you think? Harmless herb...
    But some Angelica's might be dangerous as well! :D
    Yes , here is summer but it feels more than autumn .......

    @ indira lakhsmita : and what do you think about cranberry nut muffins, Cranberry Sauce, dried cranberries or just Cranberry juice? hmmmm, I like them all! But Mary Eileen's Cranberries are very good, too!

  5. ¡Dios mío!!!!
    GMO OmG oMG omG omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    beautiful flowers
    nice colors!!!
    this is the best work I've seen all you've done!
    I love the yellow color
    BTW: OMG!

  6. Ah... I klove the texture!!!!!

  7. I have a friend named OMG, he's pretty face!!!!

  8. And the gold artichoke award was given to Oh yo, oh yo? for the best and most original comment ! Congratulation ! The price - a golden Artichoke and a bouquet of Cicuta's- will be send to you, as soon as possible !!

  9. Oh. thank you very much, actually I did not expect!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I would like to dedicate it to my mother, my father, my wife, my children, to everyone who made it possible, to all who had faith in me, I never dreamed that I would receive this award, OMG! This is beyond what my mind can imagine, I'm so excited I can not say a word (apart from these I am saying, obviously)
    I hope I never have to take this beautiful award to a pawn shop to feed my kids!
    After receiving this award, I am committed to continue leaving comments on this blog, and encourages me to leave comments on other blogs!!!!.
    Thank you Academy Awards, thank you Hollywood !!!!!!.... eehhh .... But how... was not the Oscar?????

  10. Oh, I forgot to say: I take my Cuicuta's glass with pleasure, thanks!

  11. @ El que acecha en el umbral : You are welcome!!!
    But you look a little bit...reddish ! Maybe due to Cuicuta's wine?

  12. Oh, no, I think the Cicuta wine did me wrong I'm hungover!
    I wrote, Cuicuta, instead of writing Cicuta, sorry ...
    eh ... I got red because I love mixing, Cicuta, with beet juice, is my favorite drink when I drink it I feel like I walk away from this cruel world.
    It's like I go for a walk in the darkness, but then I come back, eh ☻ :)

  13. @ mi nombre es roberto: I do not like it so much, it is rather bitter...:)