I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Saturday, August 6, 2011


my figs are almost ripe... 
but than a thief appeared .....


  1. I love that hair stolen from Louise!
    Very creative, loved,
    The more I enjoy the spontaneity of a "presentation"??
    like this
    rather than, stiffness, and lack of "common thread with the viewer" in a purported picture painted by a volunteer artist without talent (sorry to be so hard, but it is real, there are artists without talent)
    I'm not on earth to be in solidarity with artists without talent
    I liken it to a doctor, for example, if a doctor does a bad job, and the patient is not cured, we lie, saying: Ah, very good, very good job. you'll get better!?
    No, we must say that this is a bad Doctor ....
    However, there are bad artists....
    (Today is one of those days when I should not get out of bed)
    bye !!!!!! good weekend:)

  2. Oh, forgot to say, I am in the group of bad artist, bah, do not really want to use the word artist because I do not really know what an artist is.
    I consider myself a guy with an acceptable creativity. not too bad, nor WOOOWWW!
    Maybe I return to my bed, see you tomorrow!

  3. @ Robertoooo: ideas come to me when I do not want to have any idea. I borrowed this quote from one famous artist, I guess , he is from Luxembourg. Just sitting in the garden and watching these beautiful ( and very very tasty-when ripe-of course) fruits and actually I did not want think about anything, wanted listen to the bird songs .....and than I see such things in the fig tree.....I had to take my camera......

    No, you are not hard in your comment, I don't think so. I do not know if you have had somebody in your mind. I am not specialist in these matters, but I have - of course- my own opinion about it……With art on internet , it is just the same as with television : if there is nothing just switch it of.
    (But I understand what you mean…) I am aware that others may be thinking the same about my figs …but my ears are ready to listen :D

    PS: Self-reflection and assessment can be a very emotional matter :)
    To delete or not to delete?

  4. Oh yes, I agree
    No, I was not talking about anyone in particular. I was talking in general, and based solely on my personal taste about what I observe.
    I am well aware that the word "art" is something like a rubber band can stretch to infinity.
    and I'm not one to say how far this can do
    I only speak for myself, and I know very well that I can be wrong. My opinion does not change anything in the world, and die with me, when you (and me) least expected, but it is my opinion, today, with this I mean that this can change. obviously I like the changes the dynamic.
    but today, I am convinced that to my mind, there are talented people, and people without talent. we are all dancing the same music in the same room, but that does not force me to I like the dance step that is dancing, the person next to me. some I like, some do not like.
    Your work with figs, I like it.
    obviously this does not interest anyone. but here is a space to write a comment, and I do. with pleasure
    a hug and a glass of wine!
    (Today I should not get out of bed):)
    Good sun, good wine, good weekend!!!!!
    (do no stop creating)

  5. Oh, yes, yes, when something I do not like, I go without a comment (I change the channel). (as well as lots of people do with me)
    Today I am happy because it is a spring day (no note, no?) :)♫♫♫♫

  6. Oh I like you participate in the "fig "discussion!  Thank you.
    ( I agree about the sun, about red wine, about weekend ( half day to go yet:(, about talent, about dancing, about figs and about changing the channels. But most of all about singing in BLUE!!!)


  7. My figs are ripe now & I enjoy them daily, but many are stolen before I can reap them, probably by such devious creatures as you depict here! Actually though, I prefer to think, the fig tree shares with them... after all, why should I have all the delicious sweetness?

  8. @ Curious: well, I think you are right! We are here, on our planet , not lonely....it is not everything for only us, human beings...we have to share it with others. Good attitude! ( I will prepare for them some most ripe figs I find on my tree!!!)

  9. oh but it's good, you happened to take some pictures of the thief.
    This could be some good evidence.
    You can intimidate him (or her???) into confessing somehow, or send an anonymous letter that says:
    I know you stole my figs, and unless you want to end up being prosecuted, i suggest you return it, and no questions will be asked.


  10. @ indira lakhsmita: Due to citizens' privacy protection I am not allowed to do this. (to take a picture of the thief or other nasty creatures and put them on pillory )
    I think the better method is indeed the way Curious Art suggested.
    Better to live in harmony, don't you think?
    ( but the figs are sooooooo delicious!!!)