I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I can fly but I need his wings....


  1. I can fly but I need his wings...
    It may not be an obsession
    may be a vital necessity,
    all need the wings of others
    Why would we fly alone? would be meaningless
    self isolation only shows one more of the stupid human attitudes,
    we are living beings with the other,
    social relational beings
    of this principle comes everything that humans produce, in art, in science, etc. at all, in solidarity, or selfishness (as I told you about art).
    I like the contradiction in your picture, "I can fly" ... but with only one wing can not fly, it reaffirms the second part of the sentence, "but I need your wings"

  2. oh, I, who hate analysis,
    I nearly did an analysis in my comment,
    is very true what you told me.
    so my next comment will say nothing.

  3. Clearly I'm not the only one obsessed with flight!

  4. Is the elation of levitation worth the frustration of aspiration?
    But we don't choose, do we? That's the nature of obsession.

  5. hey so you are the surrogate?? :) Ah no, will the real surrogate stand up? Or I mean fly? I have no analysis, but disparate is a great word eh? It's like sometimes we laugh because objects we think about are placed in the same box but do not belong. But we cant laugh here, because images are different eh?

    It's the ideas of the images that keep us coming back, as much as the images themselves./

    If that sounds gobbleygoodleydock, that's cause it is :)

  6. @ Roberto 1: thanks for your extended comments. I do know know what to say more. If would know what to write I would become a writer.

    @ Roberto 3: this is very interesting comment. I appreciate it very much. I really like you let your thoughts go and that you described extensively and "in depth" all aspects of my illustration. It is fascinating to read all the wise words .But, however, I tell you I do pretend to be an illustrator! Just als him, on the picture, above. He pretend he could fly.(but he can not)
    But in your last 5 or 6 sentences you analysed it very well. Thanks again! :)

    @Jules, Elizabeth, Elena - thanks a lot for leaving comments!

    @Curious Art : "Is the elation of levitation worth the frustration of aspiration?" you write here very smart and wise words! It sounds very melodious in my ears , thanks for that!

    @ Andrew: Yes , i am. And thanks for your very gobbleygoodleydock comment about my gobbleygoodleydock drawing.

    (But could we laugh here again?) :D

  7. ......................................

  8. Love the lines and the surrealism! Nice work!

  9. A drawing of a scene that could be real, carefully made, so it feels as though it were done from life, yet what is inside it is impossible - so the mind spins gently and starts asking questions - about the image, and about what is impossible, really? Better than coffee early in the morning!

  10. Oh, I know very well that the stopping distance is greater on the snow. but some women need more braking distance when there is no snow yet. I know very well.
    Well I can send to you a bit of snow on the box of orange peel, no problem, while you wait you can buy an orange ice cream, and take it while you look at the "Empty TV" in the garden is a good idea not to think about anything. I hope you have a cool weekend


    @ AHAviews : oh, thanks for your comment, but I hope you did not stay without coffee this morning !! :)

    @ Roberto: haha...:D
    Thanks for your Argentinian snow. I am waiting impatiently for your snow delivery. ( is it not obsession?) :D
    Wishing you warm weekend!

  12. Theres a thin line between loving his life and being greedy for it...