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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fairy Tale Tree Houses nr.8


  1. yes they are... and they look like just like my back yard, which is a worry. I think you might have Roberto's s ecret hidden in them eh? :) greetings from oz!

  2. Love these - we used to build similar in the backyard or up in the country when we were kids. I was convinced that if you built a house suitable for magical forest beings, they would gladly come and live there. Comments much appreciated, especially as website still being developed. A

  3. @ Andrew: your back yard must be very big! ( don't tell anybody: it is secret, underneath the wood trunks is a pile of dried orange peels )

    @ AHA views : thanks for stopping by.
    I am very interested if they really came to live in your magical tree houses. I wait already long time but I never have seen any magical forest beings...:(
    Can I attract them with some delicious food?

  4. @ indira lakhsmita: hello goodmorning! Tea? Ok, than I make JAVA KERTASARI for you:)

  5. oh, I promised I would come and I failed. I have no forgiveness,
    then come back. I have frozen cold fingers. (can I drink tea, too? please?

  6. You are welcome, I bring an other cup for you!