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Sunday, August 14, 2011

From my bookshelf

Well, I was looking for a new bookshelf for my rather heavy books and I came to this site. 
I am wondering if this bookshelf is strong enough to hold my collection ....:)

In urban life, there seems to be a common understanding that people tend to consciously or subconsciously become wary of strangers surrounding them. They are always balancing a certain level of privacy with others. A bookcase CAVE provides a private reading space within its form. As a seat height is just above the floor, CAVE gives a feeling of hiding from others standing around it. Books can be stored on both sides. Therefore, CAVE can also functions as a partition of a room. 
from Sakura Adachi, designer 


  1. I prefer, all my life, your shelves
    please!!!!!, and how will a mother or grandmother to read to their children or grandchildren a book for them to sleep? I should ask Mr. Sakura Adachi, perhaps?
    And what about the ancient ritual of telling a story (read a book) around the campfire?, Surely this is a non-flammable material, then we can put several of these horrific devices around a fire, and the oldest (me) tell a story read from an old book. "things you'll see, Sancho, that you will not believe" (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra-Don Quijote de la Mancha)

  2. Ah, your books are heavy, but your intelligence has grown, ha, ha (your shelf stand perfectly)

  3. @ steppenwolf: thanks, you make me laugh !!!
    I had good day today, canoeing on the lake afternoon ! And your comment makes it even beter!!

  4. Thanks for your comment, it works!
    After a long sleep, from Holland, came a wind that woke me up, you know, I sleep awake (Duermo Despierto):) ha ha.
    Who's that, "Steppenwolf"?!!!!!! He is disrespectful, rude, let him come to my blog and I will tell two or three words for him to understand something about new designers!!!!

  5. @ duermodespierto : thank you for coming to my site and for your comment ! Always nice to meet new faces ! You know, I can't judge about words of steppenwolf. His opinion does not change anything in the world, and die with him, when you (and HE) least expected, but it is his opinion, today, with this he means that this can change. obviously HE likes the changes the dynamic. Don't you know it? :D

    But steppenwolf made a good point when he mentioned problem with reading books for small children ....I guess you need to get an other bookshelf : one for the child and one for person reading the book. It could be pretty expensive matter. The question is if you will get any price reduction when buying more pieces. And imagine if you have several children and small house.!

  6. Those are ponderous tomes indeed. Funny, just this morning I saw this.
    Book-masonry must be in the air today.

  7. is that scribbler???? you nailed it, sooooooo freakin' awesome!!!!

  8. @ curious: yes , the air is full of (concrete) books today....:D
    thanks for the link

    @ indira lakhsmita: yes, it is !