I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who is afraid of red swell, red touch and red rattle?


  1. Red is almost my color
    with a touch of ocher...
    I have no fear of anything, Mmmm ... yeah, some things
    small, dark, that haunt me at night, sometimes I can see their eyes in the darkness, like two little dots of light blue. and when I saw your picture immediately reminded them, they are exactly as you painted, I have nightmares, but not tonight, I desided to dream of something else

  2. Heisann!
    I don't think I am!
    Love is red, isn't it?

  3. wow, abstract! I like it, it's very expressive!

  4. Make me swell up, just looking at it :) Interesting.

  5. @ rick: thank you for your appreciation !

    @ ni estepario : you say "almost" . Is does mean also "not really". Though it it not my favorite color it is challenge to make something of it!

    @ duermodespierto : Nice! I am glad for you!

    @ Vilt og vakkert : who say love is red ? Does it mean that love can not have an other color? My love is blue , at least I thought that all my life ...

    @ Nelleke:yes , abstract,non figurative, non objective , non representational or whatever it might be called. Well, actually it is a painting and not really an illustration but I thought :why not? In this case I associate swell , swelling with red threat ..... Thanks for your comment!

    @ Elizabeth Rose Stanton : I hope not too much!!!! :)

  6. this looks like a red wolf... i'm not afraid of it i'm a predator myself.

  7. I REALLY like this, the energy and colour of it makes me think of anger, how powerfully that can make us act - and inside, the black carefully contained, is the mind saying: act powerfully, but not without thought. I enjoy how many different responses this brought out in the comments.