I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In a blogger's world...

Not only at the blogger's attic I met you and you and you .....
but in a blogger's world I met also you and you and .....you! 


  1. hello You, not you... yes You on right side,

    thanks so much for always being kind to me!
    i look so pretty :D

  2. Oh yes, yes, i can leave comments now!

  3. Oh, this girl, I think know.
    very well!
    There are some ghosts out there?
    I see at least four, obviously, not including the child who is not a ghost, but a witch.
    Cryptic. ah I had not seen your signature, do not miss anything here!!!:)

  4. I can not stop writing comments!!!!!!!! ... (I think that more and more foolish)

  5. I must go to lunch, otherwise I would leave another comment here

  6. Oh, you will read later! ok,
    Here is another comment for you to have more reading material!
    Eeehhhh ...
    I do not know what to write!
    Bedtime is there?
    eh. I can tell you a story for you comes the dream:)
    Ba Ba Bahhh. seriously speaking.
    until tomorrow, good dreams, I will call the inspiring muses ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ blue blue blue

  7. Hello, amazing isn't what marks on a wall, or marks on a monitor, or marks on a piece of paper can convey. The emotions of friendship, love happiness, pain.

    Human's are strange, aren't they?

    Ps I am researching the fairy house. I heard twittering and giggling at the end of my garden last twilight. It sounded like birds in a way, but then did not....

    I think I am hot on the trail...

  8. ... and you! nice to meet in bloggers world!

  9. You didn't understand my joke? Well, Roberto left 6 comments in a row, so I just said, yes, what Roberto said! Funny, no?

    Sorry, maybe I should stick to art, the universal language :)

  10. ha ha, bloggers, you make me laugh !! That's good !! Thank you ! And you! And you ! And you too!!

  11. @ Andrew : I am wondering!!! I really do! Listen carefully to the twittering from the fairy house, there might be hidden some indications !

  12. eh, all of you there
    What do you say?

  13. @ roberto : Hey, you there! Yes, you too!! Sky was blue, blue, blue....thanks, Roberto (you) for inspiring muses !!

  14. Hey, who the You that Lakhsmita says?

    What Lakhsmita said?
    I ask to you, no no You, You

  15. Love this portrait!! Of course I know who it is... you captured her so well... the so pretty witch Mita!! Always a pleasure stopping by here!! All those post of Roberto makes me laugh too... was in a frenzy, Roberto!! You are right, Artisjokken... blogging is really the coolest thing, because of you. And you... and you too.

  16. Hey, my blog is so boring, why not come all of you tonight? there is music and beer ♫ ♪ ♫ ;)

  17. It seems to be very cosy place here, at the bloggers's attic! Let's party!! Some red wine? Coffee ? I made a fig cake the other day... do you like some?

    Thanks for coming, guys!!!

    Shall we go later on to Roberto's attic ? I see you there ...he has some good beer and music !!!

  18. The Lady in Green, will come with her ​​husband, you know a huge Kiwi:)

  19. Someone said something here?
    Maybe you ...

  20. Can I go to Roberto's party?