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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogger's Sunday Walk

I joined the Blogger' Sunday Walk which was announced on Vilt og vakkert blog. Great initiative ! Thank you for your invitation!!

My wife and me took a walk nearby our house this morning - actually it was not a walk "pur sang", because she was riding a horse and I was accompanying her on the bike ( I hope I will not be disqualified :)).  The weather was perfect for walking - well, it was cloudy, overcast sky but dry.

I am looking forward to see all contributions! I hope it does not stay only by this one walk. Perhaps there will be more in the future. Next one in the winter? ( on north hemisphere ;))


  1. Walking is always the best way to SEE the world. Great shots.

  2. Heisann, heisann!

    So nice, I met a horse on our walk, you will see it on my blog as soon as my battery is full again. Just managed to shoot my photos before it turned flat!

    I said it is OK to do anything as long as you where out moving from one place to another.

    You present a lot of wonderful impressions, and it looks that you had a great time.

    I have planed another Blogger's Sunday Walk in April... but if it is successful and everyone like to walk in January as well, it's fine for me ;:OD) Each walk for each season!
    I'm preparing tomorrow's post continuously.
    Thank you for your participation ;:OD)

  3. Oh, great shots,
    (I have tried to spy, to your wife in the pictures, but she was far away, or behind the horse) Congratulations, she is very beautiful (with your permission, and all my respect)
    I think the wives are not our property, they can be admired by other people, obviously, with respect. Clarification: I do not like this little game of partner change :(

  4. eah, I returned.
    You live in a kind of earthly paradise, or something so?

  5. @ Rick: thanks. And what about you? Did you join the blogger's walking club today? :)

    @Vilt og vakkert : I had indeed wonderful time this morning. ( not only today , OF COURSE !!! ) It was silent in the forest, no wind. But this afternoon....
    wind and RAIN!!!! We were lucky!!
    Each walk season is just fine ! I will be there!!

    @ Roberto: Gracias, muchacho!
    I live nearby a magical place where fairy tree houses spontaneously appear and where all kind of fairies are living. You are right , it is here "a kind of earthly paradise".

  6. Oh, it's really beutiful where you live! I'm jealous... Is that white house yours?

  7. @ brum : Thanks a lot, brum! No, it is not my house. (unfortunately) My house is on the first picture: first column, fifth row!

  8. Hummmmm, now I know your wonderful home !!!!. when I go to Holland to visit, there will be one more room for me? I mean a guest room?
    I do not need much space, only I eat with my hands ... (you know, as in MacDonalds, but no worms)

  9. Such a beautiful walk. I'm jealous. Is that Swan Lake at the bottom of first pics? I've heard the music about that place.

  10. what a beautiful imptression, great environment to live in, lucky you :-)

  11. Thanks for your comment, looks like you had a great walk too! Love the header on your blog.

  12. Ahh so beautiful! And you have captured that beauty. We can smell the wild herbs, hear the wind in the tree leaves. A hard thing it is, to capture beauty. Like translating a sonnet, or a haiku into a minuet.

    greetings from oz :)

  13. great pictures!!!! and good that the wheather was nice enough for the walk
    I like the way the colours mix in your pics.. I think I will use this colours for a quilt, let you know!!
    blogger's sunday walk, from argentina

  14. oh, you know, my dog ​​Infinite does not like women, then when I took him out for a walk, he leads me along paths, in which I can not see any women, I believe that he has been trained for my wife

  15. Yes, Yes, this contraption is special for couples who have 24 or more years together! Not many, right?

  16. sorry, I did not understand about what you're talking about 10 days??

    Hey, on Sunday, I did not go out to walk, but I will today, i will go to the lake, you will see, today October 12 in my country is a holiday (the day Christopher Columbus discovered America :)

  17. AAAAHHHHH ja jajajajajaaaaa :D
    ok I'm going for 10 days more!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!

  18. It looks lovely where you were walking, I'm glad to have been able to take a peek at it. Also, what luck to stumble upon the wonderful artworks elsewhere on your blog! This Sunday walk was a great idea.

  19. Thanks for taking us for a walk around your place. The scenery is wonderful, I love all the different greens and the moss. And such a nice photo of the swans :)

    I too think it would be a great idea to have another Bloggers sunday walk in winter!

    Have a nice week :)

  20. Great photos, especially the horse! Thank you, look forward to the winter walk.
    Best wishes!

  21. WOW, what a walk/trot/bike! You really do live in fairyland. So many beautiful sights! And I never even made it out of the house on Sunday. Just too much to do. :-( Hope I can join the walkers in January!

    How awful that you returned from this idyllic weekend to find your Mac stolen! I hope they track down the culprits. Was other stuff taken?

  22. Thanks for all your overwhelming comments, glad you enjoyed my walk as well !!

  23. It seemes to me you had a great walk...or at least the horse :))))
    Have a great day :)

  24. that is really lovely.
    so you had party with Dr. R, then with the nature... i am soooooo going to have a walk!

  25. @ AnnCharlotte :yes, he had!

    @Villrose : see you later!!

    @ illustration poetry : yes, many. Do you join the january walk too?