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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fairy Tale Tree Houses nr.11

Today I proudly announce a special guest  from Ozstralia: 

Andrew Finnie is digital magician who created also a very special fairy tree house. Click on the picture below to see his work. I am very honored  he was inspired by some of my pictures!  I really appreciate it!  


  1. I love these fairy tree houses. And am mesmerized by Andrew's work and life style. Wow, what a post.

  2. Wow! I love that you have so many posts dedicated to these, it's great to be able to see so many different houses!
    I think here in Scotland I know a few places where houses like this crop up quite often... if only I had a car (or a lot more time for walking) I'd go out and hunt for some more of them. I remember making houses like this when I was young in Canada... with lots of branches from coniferous trees woven into the walls for secrecy and to stop the wind coming in.

  3. no, no, I'm not lost, I'm here, but very busy.
    thank you, good weekend for you too.
    I see you in two aeons (or even more)

  4. @ Rick: thanks, I am glad you enjoy it.

    @ illustration poetry: oh, thanks. I find apple most delicious fruit ! ;)

    @jodi: thanks for your comment. Indeed, I am fascinated by these houses. If you find them again somewhere in Scotland , please, take a picture!!

    @ Roberto: that's long time !!!! The same to you!!
    (good that you are not lost)

  5. Okay I have made it! Ahhh you are so very nice thank you Art!!! I was transfixed by your fairy tale/tail houses - so I hope you don't mind that I homaged them? Ahh if 'homaged' was not a verb, then it is now!

    Ahh, your environment is so very beautiful, and your artist's eye so well adapted to capturing that beauty!

    Thank you for your kindness, and I must apologise for being late. I'm like that rabbitt in alice in wonderland, the one with the fob watch!

    Thank you Rick and Mita too. You made my day :)