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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bird Tree

The street where I live was always  full of  trees.  For the birds, it was place to be : all day flying around and singing the nicest songs.
Very Important and educated People from the local town hall, dressed in hand-tailored suits appeared in my street one summer day. They looked around, they wrote something in their iPads for long time, waved with their smart-phones, sending very indispensable tweets and  their faces betrayed 'there is something very important going on'.
"From urban point of view, the trees don't fit in this street. They are too varied" said the city architect.
"Yes", nodded his head the city officer responsible for the cleaning of the streets. "Furthermore they pollute our streets with their leaves. If we chop down  all the trees we cut down also our expenses."
"Of course, it is very true what you say" replied the city hygienist . "Moreover, the birds make a lot of noise and their droppings are very unhygienic."
"Actually I wanted say the same.  And with money we save I can do much more useful things, such as buying a new car for me", quickly added the mayor of the city and ended meeting before somebody could oppose to his words.

Well, as you understand, dear reader, the decision was taken and within a week  all the trees were chopped. Many birds left the street looking for a new nesting possibilities somewhere else.
There is only one tree in our street now. A tree in front of our house, in our front yard.

All remaining  birds gather here.  And they sing the saddest songs. Because they were separated from their  fellows' birds.....


“Every story has a happy ending. If it is not happy, then it is not over yet.”


I planted a new apple tree .....


  1. response to your comment on my blog:
    and I think you're a big liar, how is it that you know nothing about color, texture, composition? As we say: "Go to another dog with that bone" Mmmmm:) I think you know a lot. but do not say ;)

    Everyone knows who saves the heart in soft velvet box at night
    mine will not be cold next winter.

    ...do you believe what people write in their blogs?

  2. I do not understand, the decision of citizens are not interested in your city?

  3. why not organize a protest?
    you and your neighbors stand up in front of the destroyer crew, it works

  4. Argentine citizens are very grumblers :)
    I can I arrange a charter flight to Holland, in one day!
    ja ja. with, 50 Argentines, at the door of your house I assure you they do not cut trees :D

  5. Sad bit of urban planning. So sorry for the loss of the trees, and I love your painting. It is so evocative of the situation! I am glad you planted a new apple tree...that is the happy ending! :)

  6. That is a terrible story. What foolish people don't like trees? Plus they are good for the air and for shade and many other things. So nice you planted another, at least.

    Love the painting, though it is dark and sad.

  7. Clever painting..its a pity we cannot all live together sometimes..Bad decisions left in the hands of VIP's (Very ignorant people)..This should be made public and new trees should replace the old.....Now!

  8. Oh I love this illustration. I feel for the birds, and the trees.

  9. Tree chopping for the sake of man's agenda makes me so so mad. If the government chopped the trees on my block, I would move because I love love love trees! Who on earth???? Good grief! I agree with Rod MacGregor...this should be made public...so I tweeted. Unfortunately we all know what good that does. : (

    Hope your apple tree grows at the speed of light. And your Bird Tree is absolutely fantastic! Are you selling it?

  10. The city planners had the same stupid ideas for my street, but they didn't move as fast as your guys did which gave the residents a chance to say "NO WAY!" They did cut down some of the trees, but they were forced into planting replacements -- which aren't as good as the towering maples, but are pretty pleasant too. I hope you get lots of apples!

  11. Oh, what a horror story. We lost most of our trees to Hurricane Fran, & that was very painful, but one can't blame the forces of nature. Bureaucracy is quite another matter. I can't imagine how furious & helpless you must have felt. I'm so glad your tree remains a neighborhood bird-haven.

    And you are able to make a stunning piece of art out of the experience too. Where there is art there is hope!

  12. Eh, another issue
    do not forget the soft velvet box every night!!!!

    Close them with seven keys!

  13. Mr. Artichoke, what you wrote reminded me of an old Christmas commercial that I loved as a child. I found it and posted it on my blog.

    Plant a tree, pet a bird. Or if you don't have a bird to pet like I do, then sing to the bird in the tree.

  14. Ahh...what a sad story...... Well told and illustrated. Why not go to the council and demand that they plant new trees.

  15. Oh, yes, they came all!
    thanks for asking,
    Every year I write down in a small notebook the name of each, and (obviously, that of their babies born here) and the day they come back, I mark with a tick next to each name,
    all back, all come to visit me, haha:)
    (not it be fun if it were real?)

  16. So sorry about your trees. What a sad story. Your illustration is very beautiful.

  17. A thought, a drawing, a witness... else there would be uninterrupted street and fading tweets. Thanks for posting.

  18. Hello art, well not only your images are poetry, but also is your prose. It's a beautifully rouded, but sad story. Only rounded by the quotation at the end, but rounded all the same. What goes around, comes around, you will find those council people cut down to size one day, and your apple tree will grow. We just had a similar problem, the people of my city fought the council for eighteen months, the council spent 1.5 million dollars of our money to prove a point, then will cut down the tyrees anyway, after saying they did not want help deciding the matter from our state government.

    Do you have an expression for people in your country that wear their male parts on their heads? We have one and we joyfully apply it to these people's heads. They will be cut down because most of them have business that people will no longer visit...

    beautiful image you have made, though sad

  19. In our development the builder made a conscious effort to keep as many trees as possible and then they planted more trees in everyone's front yard. In about 10 years it will be lovely with all the big trees.
    I mourn for your birds.
    I love the painting though.

  20. Lovely image, good story. And interesting reactions!
    Of course there could be many other sides to this story, as interesting and sad as yours.
    Every time Sarah, the little girl living in a small room on the first floor, looked out her window, she was afraid of big brown menacing oak tree. It always blocked the sun, and the colour of the leaves was so dark green, it made her sad.
    Even the babbling pigeons could not cheer her up, they only soiled her windowsill and made her unable to hear her music as she played softly on her spanish guitar.
    Then one day, by pure luck, a fairy passed by in the local bus. She picked up Sarah´s thoughts, and zipped the big gloomy trees into young pear trees. And the girl looked outside, saw the pigeons fly towards the local marketplace, where the tourists would feed them tasty fresh corn. And a big smile appeared on her freckled and happy face.

  21. Heisann!

    Fascinating point of view ... and as usual very good handwork!

    Have a nice week ;:OD)

  22. i didnt know that this thing happens in your country, i thought it was only happen in my country, you know my country i come from the third world countries, most people here are very greedy a.k.a corruptors. They'll do anything for their own importance, they dont give a damn about other people let alone birds/trees. Not only nature are suffering but also humans.

    It's good you planted a new apple tree!
    Your heart is as beautiful as your art.

  23. thank youuuu for the Golden Artichoke Award!!!! :D

  24. thanks everyone for all your comments, I did not expected so many reactions. I really appreciate it!!