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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blogger's Sunday Walk , january 2012

It is so far : a second edition of Blogger's Sunday Walk which was announced on Vilt og vakkert blog.

Well, the weather was not really perfect for photography, no great light, but good enough to walk!! This time we were walking near by Epe , a little town in the eastern Netherlands.
To get impression see pictures below.

In the middle of the forest we found a small but beautiful cemetery. All graves lay between high ancient beech trees and are covered with moss.

Thanks Vilt og vakkert  for great initiative !!!


  1. Heisann!

    Thank you for the participation.

    The photos are marvelous in spite of the lack of light. The dark atmosphere made the impression more mystical and fairytale like. Their graphic adjustments are superb.

    Hope to invite to the next Blogger's Sunday Walk in April.
    I will make a summary within the week.

  2. Great pictures. Especially the second.
    And a lovely place for a cemetery...
    Have a great week:)

  3. Who wouldn't like to get buried here?;) Like the wiggly snake trees!

  4. What a lovely walk. I liked the camentary.
    Have å nice evening

  5. Great great photos...I am jealous. My walks don't look like that. Mine are ok...but compared to yours, rather boring.

  6. Hi :) I'll try send some sun ;)
    Nice pictures :)

  7. Beautiful photos. What a 'lovely' cementery!

  8. What a nice walk you had :)
    I love the trees, and the atmosphere is breathtaking!
    Great photos!!

    Thanks for visiting my walk, and for your comment.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

  9. A fantastic atmosphere you catch in your photos! See you in April

  10. ive always loved graveyard, dont ask me why, i'm a weird person :)))

    hey, that lady in coat walking is a great detail you know!