I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Sunday, January 1, 2012


What highlights will bring us a new year?

(Sorry, Mr. Velázquez...)


  1. Happy 2012 Mr.Art is Jokken!!! Another masterpiece by valasquez (and you)!!Unfortunately the news usually only highlights the bad points of a year..and it is with those that jog our memories!

  2. Rod, thanks ! Unfortunately you are right about "bad points".

    If there are highlights, there must be also lowlights. (Or highdarks?).
    And such LOWLIGHT happened this night already :(

    4:27 I got a call.....my Mac is AGAIN stolen from my office......( see my post october 11, 2011)

  3. Hope so much you get only highlights from now on... Bah, a stolen Mac... Good luck this year art-is-jokken!

    fascinating drawing by the way.

  4. More art, more humor, Happy 2012

  5. brings to mind Plato's cave and the shadows...
    only here the portrait seems to be the epiphany that changed everything...
    (Manet's Olympia is lurking somewhere as well, ~~just waiting for the cat to show up.

    so sorry about the mac news.
    I hope you had a backup that was left in your keep.

    hopes for the best in 2012.


  6. Beautiful work for highlight, is this a scratch board?
    That stinks about your mac... hope things look up for you in the new year!

  7. Sorry you’re starting off the New Year on a “lowlight”. I am very intrigued by your “highlight” however. Nice work! Happy New Year!.... oh and thanks for dropping by :o)

  8. ooo...I like this. Very Edward Gorey-esque. Nice!

  9. Thank you nelleke, elena, Richard, heidialdin, Jack, E.R.S and illustration poetry for your comments!

    @ heidialdin : no , it is a pencil on paper.

    @ Elisabeth Rose: a flush of embarrassment rose to Artisjokken cheeks when you mentioned the great "amphigorygist" !

    "If you're doing nonsense it has to be rather awful, because there'd be no point."

    @ illustration poetry: do you really ? :)

  10. very interesting line work and contrast!

  11. Heisann!

    I remember seeing the original Velazquez painting of Venus in National gallery, London, seventeen years of age!
    I like your funny copy. I love the series of Picasso's versions of his Los Meninas, too!

    Join Blogger's Sunday walk ;:OD)
    The word verification for this comment is defres, very suitable!

    Happy New year!

  12. I find this mysterious and fascinating. <3
    Sorry about your Mac...:( , hopefully that was the worst lowlight of your year 2012.

  13. Your work lately reminds me to play. Experiment. Begin without knowing where I will end up. Thanks.

  14. I agree with Elizabeth...very Edward Gorey-esque! And I love the animals in their festive garb!