I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Illegible scribbles....(while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist)

Not really my thing to spend time in a dentist waiting room, so to kill the time ...... one manner is to use a pen and paper and do some illegible scribbles or observe other people silently waiting to be voluntarily tortured  with the sound of high frequency whistling drills in the background.....
(Well, I was not able to speak properly about 4 hours due to anesthetics) 

He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words. 

 Elbert Hubbard


  1. Funny, I was at the dentist as well. Funny how everybody is so silent in the waitingroom.

  2. Good illegible scribbles..I think this is not a drawing about silence in the waiting room, but silence whilst in the dentist chair. Unable to move or talk...or scream..I am wondering how many people have gone to their grave from that dreaded chair!!!!

  3. hmmm... Looks like drawing to me... and in the caricature direction! Your Illegible scribbles are not much in the way of illegiablity. and are quite expressive in their angst.
    I also like how the bird is not talking.


  4. Greetings Art, ahh yes THE dentist. All capitals on the THE :) How's things? Well I bet you can whistle better now. I am deathly afraid of dentists, even when I am not visiting them..... andf so is my bank book :) Well you have captured the fear and misery wonderfully well - and the crow reminds me of Poe. I know not why, :)

    sorry to be AWOL, I am having a short rest. Well a short rest is having me I should say :)

    take care. I will visit soon!

    PS push bike is good. It even has air conditioning!

  5. the only thing i like about the dentist waiting rooms is they always have a bunch of old magazines.
    i love the smell of old magazines.

  6. I am good...thank you also. : )

    Your scribbles have much intellect going on there. I wonder what it's saying???

  7. Thanks!

    @ Rene: yes, "very funny". But afterwards...

    @Rod: I am wondering too...:)

    @ Lisa: nothing special, just angst.....cause we can't speak. Fear from the dentist.

    @Richard: also a bird was scared , one black bird was sitting in the tree just next to the dentist's window

    @Andrew: take your rest, you do not have apologize....do not worry! :)
    ( I can talk again and I am whistling all day)

    @illustration poetry: oh really? I do not. Because there are only very stupid magazines and very very sticky!!! (Fear Sweat flows abundantly from heads of waiting people...)

    @ Lisa: I have no idea :)

    I guess just angst.....it causes we can't speak. Fear from the dentist :(

  8. Uh, the crosses didn't herald anything good... I hope you are fine after the visit.