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Saturday, February 11, 2012


"The most popular girl from our school"


If you like to be a popular in 14 steps : look here 
If you like to know how to be a popular girl in 17 steps: look here
And if you like to know  How to Become Popular in a Private High School:
look here, but it takes 19 steps!!!




  1. I can comment at last!!!!!!You have fixed something!!! I don't want to be popular so I will not look at you links...I certainly don't want to be a popular girl..Interesting pic of the most popular girl in your school.

  2. I agree with Rod...and I'm glad he's not interested in being a popular girl. I don't think I would like to be the most popular girl from your school, one way or the other. Interesting illo!

  3. Aw crap, why didn't you send me these links when I was in high school???

    I was kinda popular in the art room, though.

  4. The textures and burnt ends of this piece is endlessly fascinating. It seems to be rife with hidden secrets and dangerous treasures.

    very nice.

  5. @Rod: Good decision! To make a girl from you would be very loooong process :)

    @Elisabeth : (I agree with you )
    And thanks too!

    @Ted: I thought Ted is a boy name.....

    @Richard: Thanks, I am glad you noticed the
    "burnt "parts ... All boys who idolized this girl were "burning by jealousy" (ant for that girl it was also difficult to stay "on the top" )

  6. Ohhhhh... I was confused. Those are tips on how to be a popular GIRL....

    I'm so embarrassed..

    But do you like my pretty new dress and hairdo anyway??

  7. @Ted: Ok, do not worry, however, your skirt is very nice

  8. I never was popular in school for some reason. I think I was too shy and quiet. How to be popular on WikiHow or whatever...now that's funny. Okay, I did check the links. But I did not read beyond their titles.

    Great art work by the way. Very red and lots to look at.

  9. @Lisa: thanks a lot , Lisa. The WikiHow is really funny(at least I found it funny)
    And about red color: it is indeed very red but I do not like red color . And that's the reason I find it very challenging to try it anyhow !!

  10. Glad your comments are enabled this week. Your take on the word sends me off with a jumble of thoughts. Always interesting to see the back and forth of comments here.

  11. Ooh, I'm captivated by the boldness of this painting! The lady in red, hehehe. Great energy.

    Those are very interesting links. I did not realize there was a how-to manual on becoming popular. I like how deeper tips like empathy and kindness are mixed with hair advice. Ha!