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Friday, July 6, 2012


Probably all of you read  news about the discoveries of CERN institute in the last days. The experiments conducted at CERN indicate the presence of a new particle, which could be the Higgs boson.

Well, this is interesting. But…

About two years ago I  visualized already these ( but also other) particles in a ‪pencillaneous‬ drawing. (see here my old post )
I have seen them many times in the Kingdom of the Artichoke and it was not so unusual. Not many people, however, believed me. My work on drawings was suspended until now.

You remember certainly an ebonite bar and fox tail  commonly used in physics classrooms to demonstrate static electricity. (you rub the fox tail on the ebonite bar to achieve electric charge on the surface of objects)

Remembered that, I made this new drawing : mountains of the Artichokistan ( aka The Kingdom of the Artichoke) where  Large Hadron Collider (smaller model) is hidden,  several fox tails and - the Higgs particles.
Hopefully is this very clear now.


Have a nice weekend !


(if I do not appear here in the coming days then I will have some sessions with my therapist , dr. Theo LeSieg)


  1. Yeah its clear as mud!!! Nice work ART!!!!! You are a misunderstood genius!!:)

    1. “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

  2. um...
    well, I'm enjoying the 'skull faces' in the B&W image above, having some familiarity with your art, I'm assuming those heads are intentional.

    always a quandary in your world.


  3. Art, you are a true visionary.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post, and the link backward.
    It all makes sense now.
    I am at peace.
    Thank you.

  4. It is abundantly unclear now. But that's good! Who said everything had to be clear all the time. I am satisfied knowing that you have things under control in The Kingdom of the Artichoke.

    The pencil drawing is trying to show me something quite lively and spectacular, clearly, and the fact I have not quite grasped it all is of little consequence in the larger scheme of microscopic thingies.

  5. Not totally clear...but very intriguing! I like the way you think!!

  6. Well, kind of clear, like a dirty windshield. I don't understand Higgs Boson; I can't compare something I've never seen to something else I've never seen. Can we talk about Miss Higg's Bosom instead?

    And I didn't know pencillaneous was a word (maybe only in the kingdom of Artichoke).

  7. What a coincidence, my friend. Dr. Theo LeSieg is OUR family therapist! Here we use cats and combs for the demonstration of electical static buildup - and entertainment, of course. Amazing what will stick to her once the cat has been brushed and runs away. Hope you are well.

  8. Hello Artr....Hello arttts, Hello arrrt,,.. you know I woke up this morning and thought who will I visit. ? I am still wondering but, seeing I am here I will visit you! Gah that is a wonderful image the one with the red round thing that looks like my tummy :) But seriously, it's a beauty. I can see it five feet along one side decorating the halls of some big company ... with too much money.
    Anyways I hope you are well, I should be back around regularly soon .... life truickles on eh?

    cheers fom oz