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Thursday, October 18, 2012

More water (-ing) devices....

The term "watering can" first appeared in 1692, in the diary of keen cottage gardner Lord Timothy George of Cornwall. Before then, it was known as a "watering pot".
In 1885 the "Haws" watering can was patented by Michael Deas. He replaced the top mounted handle with a single round handle at the rear.
Watering cans are now used in everyday life for many different things. 
(from Wikipedia)

See below.


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  1. These watering cans remind me of my carefree days growing up on the farm. However, the faces on these watering cans remind me of my nightmares.

    Very informative post. The 'Haws' can was the perfect improvement. Wonder why he called it that.

  2. Interesting... Very creative watering cans, they look very determined! :)

  3. You are a genius and a GOOD artist.

    I would also say good teacher...but I see Wikipedia helped you with that part. :)

    Awesomely imaginative! I smiled huge looking at these.

  4. what worried me is that the bottom watering can's head's nasal passages will be overworked after several pansys have been watered and that the water will possibly erupt up through the nasal lacriminal duct and hense cause a reduction in the amount of saline in his tears - bet Hawes never thouight of that :)

  5. Just brilliant! I now want to construct figureheads for all my watering cans!