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Saturday, November 10, 2012

High Heels

The remarkable colonization of a High Heel hill

Stoute schoenen (naughty shoes)


  1. Nice work AIJ...I like the pencillaneous whimsy....
    Foot fetish?? ;)

  2. Well, I do not really wear high heel shoes nor I am a high heel
    fetishist :)
    It is just a profesional interest due to participation in "HIGH HEELS" group exhibition ! Though I have had some sleepless nights finally I found it very challenging !

  3. I bet that hill is a big problem for the people in this shoe city...especially during snow. You must have incredible patience to draw all those bricks!

    Love how the naughty shoes are wearing shoes...very clever.

    1. In this area never fall snow......:)

      Thanks, Lisa!