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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The anatomy of high heels.....

The anatomical anomalies of the high heels 
according to the theory of the four humours of Hippocrates

The anatomy of high heels

Two of my contributions for an exhibition High Heels, which is being held 
in the art gallery Arte Temporale in Bussum, the Netherlands until the beginning of december. 


  1. Very inventive all those high heels and watercans :-)

  2. It's funny and it's inventive and it's so well done!

  3. The top 4 are just great, uh... maybe not too good for walking on fresh sod, though.

    But, the bottom heel is just to die for!

  4. These are all good AIJ...I bet the exhibition looks good.

  5. Hya Art, :) some people pay good money for these, and some people pay good money to be walked on by them - you could cultivate your vegie patch with number three :) hehe, me I am laying low, gallery sitting, we got reviewed yesterday so should be busy today, sale are good - wife and I have sold most of our major and some minor works, same with t'other two :) so life is good as far as work going to new homes, the groupies have been worse this year though.... just kidding of course :) see you man hugsfromere

  6. by the way your work looks wonderful, good luck with the show!!!!

  7. I love the skeletal one!
    I want that skeletal foot to have its own high heel on!

    very cool.

  8. I love that skeleton one! And I wonder about the drawings the pencil one will make when dancing.

  9. I love the retro look of these! Those 4 personality types really got me thinking... Well done!