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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blogger´s Sunday Walk

Blogger´s Sunday Walk is becoming a tradition. Some years ago vilt og vakkert  ("Wild and Beautiful") introduced this activity:

Put on your walking shoes, rubber boots, beach sandals or simply stroll with bare feet in the sand - whatever, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see on July 21st and link to my blog! 

Thanks for your invitation, vilt og vakkert ! Here is my contribution.

I can tell you it was very hot today!

So this morning early into the forest with our pony ..... as usual. And as usual, I went on the bike with my camera. Because I do not ride a horse I was thinking about how to replace my bike for something more "horse-ish" to please our pony. (horses are as people - they like  to have company..:)) During the biking I came up with this invention :

I am sure our pony and my wife (of course) would like to see me on this "horseike" to run after them !

 After the lunch we were ready to find some cooler place to relax: canoeing on the lake in our neighborhood.  

As you can see, it was very enjoyable day. Here are some impressions from today.

Did I mention it it was bloody hot today? 

Time to take some chilled drink...



  1. Looks like a perfect day. I would like to to see you on horseike too!

  2. I think that is an old invention isn't it? Don't mix your drinks AIJ!!

    1. do you mean horseike or do you mean not mixing drinks ?

    2. http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/christmas-gifts-for-children-inspired.html#.Ue0Jco1RaSo

      I think mixing drinks is probably older :)

    3. you are right, Rod, in Artichokistan we do not know these wheeled horses, I do my deepest apology to all Greeks , I'll have to ALSO research harder when making new drawings ! :)
      I knew only horse head on a stick ...

    4. Well, even the very first bicycles had no pedals or chain, they were operated like your wheeled horse. They were operated by human feet pushing against the ground. But your horse would do very well on a downhill slope. You do have brakes on your horse, correct? :)

  3. All your photos look like jigsaw puzzle images that we assemble in America. Beautiful.

  4. Heisann!

    Thank you for your effort to join BSW in the heat.... and what to drink! Hot outside, hot inside makes a balance or...? I first read chili!!!!!!
    The idea of making a horseike/ bike is cool. In Norway eike is the radial strings of the wheels!
    Still have nice summer days and not so hot ;:OD)

  5. He-he. A nice horse-cycle! It is important to drink a lot in the heat. Pretty hot here too...

  6. I love your horse-ike! Better than a real horse. To hot these days to exercise the poor animals. I'm glad the temp is back to normal now!