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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Captured and tied (Entangled)

Quantum entanglement is the key to quantum computing, cryptography, and numerous other real-world applications of quantum mechanics. It is also one of the strangest phenomena in the Universe, overcoming barriers of space and time and knitting the entire cosmos into an integrated whole.

The idea of a reduced density matrix was introduced by Paul Dirac in 1930. Consider as above systems and each with a Hilbert space  HA, HB. Let the state of the composite system be
But let  see what happens if we use capital letter A (A for ARTICHOKISTAN ) 

This demonstrates, as expected, the reduced density matrix for an entangled pure ensemble is a mixed ensemble. 

Clear, isn't it?

To make it more clear, see my drawing ;)

Have a nice day !


  1. An excellent drawing, full of character!

  2. The story is not clear to me at all, I'm a lazy bum and don't feel like reading all that stuff. Your drawing is very interesting. I see an alien, or a Kafkaniaans insect struggling in a shopping cart. Very delicate drawing!

    1. Ha, Hedwig, the story is not interesting at all , I do not like to read either :).
      The text is more for decoration purposes, a kind of filling of empty space., to be more dense. :D
      But thank you so much !

  3. I tried to read the text twice, but both times I fell asleep. Luckily, the drawing woke me right up again. Very cool and funny, as usual, Mr. 'Chokin.

    1. Thank you, Ted. Strange, but I have also no idea what does this boring text means. I really like your "as usual" ( almost hard to believe it ) :)

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    1. Cool? ha, thanks, but here is very warm today , actually I was told highest temperature measured in october ever !

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    1. No , Rene! Unfortunately, the wings are not developed , yet!