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Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Talk to the Chicken....

Chickens are not stupid animals despite what everyone might say. They are intelligent, curious, and social animals. But they won't always catch what you mean when you try to talk to them. Every cluck has a wide variety of what it could mean.

A bird's best senses are her sight and hearing. Your chickens will appreciate when you speak to them even in English or any other language , for example Artichokistanish. 

And remember, chickens use a lot of body language! 


  1. I think an Artichokistan/chicken dictionary with additional body language translations would be very helpful in talking to chickens I may encounter. Do you know where I might be able to purchase such a travelers aid?

    1. you know, Aino, this kind of aid is already for centuries transmitted from generation to generation through storytelling.... no written words . So I am afraid there is no other way than come to Artichokes and find out personally all secrets of chick(ens) body language . (but maybe one time I will put all my collected knowledge in a booklet printed on silk paper woven from spider webs )

  2. i tried talk to one but he just ran away from me. did my face scare him or something ???

  3. Love the image and the message.