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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Encyclopaedia Artichokistania (3)

Very common in the darkest beech woods. The short hairy leaves often have very
different shape and color. The plant is called mouth-eye-herb because
the flowers resemble the mouths and the leaves the eyes. Flowering through whole
summer. As medicinal herb used for eye disease and / or bad breath.

(Eye-shaped leaves are blinking
 when you are in sight)


  1. Ooooooo! I love this!! Wicked humour and wonderful detail...reminiscent of Lewis Caroll

    1. Thanks Claire, humor is a necessary ingredient in our life (wicked or not) ;)

  2. Yes, I agree with Claire; this piece is wonderful. But I'm thankful for your post, so I know about this plant, in case I run across one in my travels. Otherwise I might be frightened by its gaze.

    1. You are welcome, Ted! You never know who's watching you. :)