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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trajecti Voces

Yes, that's true. But today it was really very good. I was enjoying a beautiful christmas concert performed by Trajecti Voces, at Geertekerk in Utrecht. To get an impression watch this short video I found on You Tube.

The performance at Geertekerk, Utrecht was absolutely amazing. Playing old Czech Christmas pieces (Zelenka, Tuma), serving svařák (glühwein). What can you wish more? I "got some chills" when Murni Suwetja, soprano, started singing.....
If you ever get a chance, go for it! You will not be disappointed!
After concert I walked in the dark and cold city but inside of me I was warm (not only from glühwein) and happy. Everybody and everything was happy at this moment. Even the canal houses seemed to be happy...

Without music, life would be a mistake.


  1. zo, wat een mooie muziek, dat zal wel open (hoe zeg je dat....het geluid in een kerk is apart-mooi!)klinken in een kerk.

    ik heb mijn blognaam veranderd in"

  2. Ja, dat klopt. De klanken waren erg warm en bijna fluweelachtig, en de hele entourage was -in mijn beleving - in harmonie. Daarom mijn grote enthousiasme.

  3. and thanks for sharing this!
    you're right, without music, life would be a mistake.