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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairy Tale Tree Houses nr.4

FTTH: nr.3 here, nr.2 here and nr.1 here.


  1. Ah, here where I live, in the pine forests, live, many gnomes. Actually I think they are, Trasgos, come with the first Spanish who colonized America. Well, some branches are often placed in a similar way to which you show here. But actually I think they share the cave with the foxes. In fact some live in my house, and they made us some jokes. (Although you do not believe)

  2. You are right: they must be trasgos. The problem is that these little creatures are not very commonly spread in the Netherlands (my personal observation) and in general people do not talk about them. (it is not an important issue) . But.... some years ago I imported secretly some goblins from the place X ( I will not mention the exact location due to legislations) and they do very well!
    And I believe you , of course, they live in your house. They are friendly and hard-working, they wear a red shirt and a cap of the same color. Do you have a fireplace? They love houses where the fireplace is burning, and they like to stay close to it. Normally, when Trasgos are in good spirits and they are treated well, they take it upon themselves to do house chores, so they work putting everything in its place, cleaning the house, sweeping, and helping the family. But you know everything about it, don't you?

  3. I can not tell you everything here Goblins we do in our house, (hide objects that would later appear in the place where you looked 20 times. etc. Some time ago, they woke us up at night with noise on the stairs leading to the bedroom, or whatever. but now are more relaxed. sometimes, they would tug on my shirt and when I turn no one. but I do not care.

  4. @elquesusurrainthedarkness: I heard "trasgos" have a hole in the middle of their left hand. Have you ever seen this ? If they only tug on your shirt, it is not so bad because if they are in a bad mood, they will break the dishes, hide objects, mess up the clothes, and scream and shout !

    @Sympathy for The Devil: yes, indeed, it is very interesting conversation. Do you have some stories to share with us?

  5. No, they just do mischief, because they know that we do not bother.
    They've hidden the keys to my car for a year. and then appeared in one place, in view of everyone.
    They've hidden my cell phone, and I have bought a new one. after a month, appeared the old phone next to the gear lever of my car. (My wife and I had washed all the entire car , a few days before.)
    ... And I have more stories. Believe it or not.

    SfTD: Do not you believe me?

  6. I am glad for you. It is never boring in your house. And never use fumigants in your house ! It can cause severe damage of the gnomes lungs!