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Sunday, February 20, 2011

IF: layers

I believe that every individual has some personality layers. We are often judged by our outer layer which is "all the time on display".  If we peel off carefully all the layers, than we might come to the "central core." By exploring  all these layers we can learn about ourselves but also better understand others.

I drew an inspiration from a Dutch saying  Not everybody is carved from the same wood. ( I think the english translation could be : we aren't made from the same mold) I see some similarities between the different layers of wood  and various and  (often) complicated "layers" of a human beings.  


  1. I LOVE this!! I love the depth and idea of this. GREAT image!

  2. Hello, I came early today but left no comment, because I was trying to remember a saying in Spanish that was similar to this, but unfortunately, my memory, on Sunday has not yet awakened.
    Eh ...
    "By exploring We Can All These layers But Also learn about ourselves Better Understand Others."
    I'm not so sure. There are things that we refuse to see, in ourselves and in others. is a very difficult exploration.

  3. I like the depth of the idea too. But the image reminded me of the alien in the fire when it sprouted the multiple heads in the modern film version of The Thing. Sort of the same idea but in reverse.

  4. Thanks, pretty day and Juan, for your comments!

    @ elquesusurrainthedarkness: Exactly!! We tend to look at other site or we refuse to see, we cannot deny things or we can not simply push delete button. It is not easy but if we do not try to identify our "layers", our shortcomings, how we can than live in our crowded world?
    I think it worth to try it.
    At least we can think about it or we can share our thoughts through the internet!! What a great idea :)

  5. @Alan Scott: Thank you for your comment. I really don't know this film, I will check it on internet.
    I appreciate any comments - it means that my posts are not only read by art-is jokken !!

  6. Well, you never know right? Maybe you'll find a void if you peel off enough layers.
    BTW, super image.

  7. Yes, Rene, it is quite possible. It can be scary emptiness sometimes, I admit.
    (and thank you!)

  8. Hello there, well this is sssome piece, many layered in itself. You know old age is like in wine truth - that at a certain age we lose our layers and become only one self - so a nurse told me. And if a nurse told me, then it must be true.

    I like your work.

  9. @brezinka: thanks!!

    @Andrew Finnie: well, these are very wise words. The nurse is very clever woman. I will remember it. So from now we can say: In the nurse veritas instead of in vino veritas!

  10. Wow!! I really like what you did with the subject! Indeed, human have so many different layers. Your image is such a wonderful expression of that!! Beautiful work!

  11. The art is nice in what it conveys from a worrisome point of view... Not quite sure if one really want to learn about ALL those personality layers... your value structure brings it all home.

  12. Thank you all for your interesting comments.

    This IF topic obviously attracted a lot of people that responded in a similar way- searching for the different personality layers.

  13. Wow! This is exceptional, both in concept and execution. Amazing piece!

    And you ARE an artichoke! Hahahahaha. Aahh, it is lovely to see you in full bloom. :)

  14. Thank you , Jack.
    Thank youuuuuu Dilettante Extraordinaire!!! Yes, I am in full bloom! I do appreciate your comment!

  15. Lovely conception/execution -- From the same wood, indeed. :) There were so many possible layers to this theme that I was disappointed when I ran out of time to explore it properly.